Cleaning Haze V3 isn’t all that difficult, but it is necessary and it does take some effort. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the steps necessary to clean your Haze vaporizer.

Note: Thanks to the new design which comes as a nice improvement over the last version of the vape, version 2.5, the Haze vaporizers no longer have an issue with their mouthpieces getting stuck. Up until now, if you didn’t clean it as often as you probably should, the mouthpiece would begin to have trouble sliding out and eventually get stuck. Of course, you could always heat it up and work it out with a bit of effort, but this wasn’t ideal. Now, you don’t have to deal with this because the problem has been completely resolved in version 3.0, but that’s not to say that you don’t still need to clean it because unfortunately, you do.

Cleaning Supplies

Before you can begin cleaning your vape, you’ll need some basic cleaning supplies. For most vapes, we recommend having some isopropyl alcohol on hand because it tends to be extremely useful when it comes to cleaning your vapes and their accessories, especially any glass components they might have, which the Haze 3 has. So if you don’t have some ISO, get some. You’ll definitely be using it in this cleaning guide. But if you don’t have some, you can skate by using just the cleaning agent that comes with the Haze 3’s cleaning kit.

In addition to some ISO, you’ll want some q-tips or something similar. You’ll find the rest of what you need in the cleaning kit that comes with the vape. This includes alcohol prep pads, pipe cleaner, cleaning brush, easy load tool, and cleaning agent. Assuming it’s all there and you have your ISO and q-tips, you’re ready to begin cleaning your vape.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning the Haze Dual V3 isn’t super easy but it’s also not all that difficult. Just follow the instructions we’ve outlined below to clean your vape and continue to treat you well. Forgo the cleaning process and the quality of your sessions will deteriorate with time. So take our advice and clean it regularly. Here are the steps:

  1. Take the vape apart, separating components by their material. Specifically, you want to isolate the silicone components because they cannot be soaked in ISO.
  2. Get a jar and fill it with water, add cleaning agent, and then mix it up.
  3. Drop the silicone components in the solution you just created and give it 10 to 15 minutes to soak before removing, rinsing in warm water, and then allowing time to dry.
  4. Soak the non-silicone parts, those made from glass and steel, in ISO and then rinse and dry. Do not soak the vaporizer itself, this you’ll clean separately.
  5. Use the included cleaning brush to clean out the heating chambers, both of them. Just brush them out as best you can and move on to the next step.
  6. Dip a pipe cleaner in a little ISO and then use it to clean out the vapor path that connects the chambers to the mouthpiece area.
  7. Dip q-tips in ISO and use them to clean inside of the vapor and air path. You may want to focus around the area where the mouthpiece is inserted. Basically do this until the q-tips are coming out with nothing on them, an indication that the areas have been adequately cleaned.
  8. Wipe down the outside of the vape with the alcohol prep pads that are included.
  9. Once everything is clean and dry, put the vape back together and you’re done.

While we’ve outlined the steps necessary to completely clean the HV3, you won’t need to follow these steps each and every single time you clean the vape. Sometimes, you’ll just want to clean particularly areas or components that appear dirty, which is fine. But on occasion, you will want to clean the entire device in a thorough fashion as outlined above. If you notice any parts that require replacing, replace them. Do all of this and your Haze vaporizer will continue to treat you well and function as intended.

Cleaning Video

For those of you who are visual learners, take a look at the video at the top of this page. The video, produced by the vape’s manufacturer, shows exactly how to clean the vape from start to finish. Enjoy.

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