Have you ever wondered what a vaporizer is? Then read this article because in it, we’re going to explain to you exactly what a vaporizer is.

Wondering what that featured image is the top of the page? That’s lavender, a plant used in aromatherapy that, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, numerous studies have reported the essential oil extract of to be potentially beneficial to “a variety of conditions, including insomnia, alopecia (hair loss), anxiety, stress, and postoperative pain.” But don’t get too excited because they also note that “most of these studies have been small.” Still, researchers continue to study its potential antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also finds use in acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, and massage.

Official Definition

According to Merriam-Webster’s definition of the word vaporizer, it’s defined as “one that vaporizes” such as an atomizer or “a device for converting water or a medicated liquid into a vapor for inhalation.” And according to their definition of the word atomizer, an atomizer is “a device for emitting water, perfume, or other liquids as a fine spray.” So in other words, a vaporizer is a device that’s used to transform liquid into vapor. But let’s be honest, their definition of the word vaporizer seems a bit dated as it makes no mention of dry material and today’s vaporizers, some of them anyways, are capable of vaporizing dried material, not just liquids. In fact, some are even designed with specific materials in mind such as oils and other forms of high viscosity liquids.

Still Not Sure What A Vaporizer Is?

If you’re lost, don’t worry because we’re going to recap right now. A vaporizer, which is sometimes referred to as a vape, is a device that’s used to transform various materials, everything from solids to liquids, into vapor.

Different Types Of Vaporizers And Their Uses

There are various uses for this vapor that it creates. For example, there are vaporizers like those designed by Vicks that are designed to vaporize water for the sake of inhalation. These water vaporizers find use in soothing air pathways. There are also vaporizers that are designed to vaporize various blends with the intent of producing vapor that the user then inhales. These direct inhaler vaporizers are generally the ones that we focus on here at Vaporizer Shark. An example of one such vaporizer is the DaVinci IQ, a new portable vaporizer that’s designed to work with dried blends. Yet another example comes in the form of the electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cig.

But while we’ve covered Vicks vaporizers, portable vaporizers like the IQ and e-cigs, there are still other types of vaporizers such as those intended for aromatherapy. These types of vaporizers are designed to release aromatic fragrances into the air. And there are hybrids, like the Extreme Q that is designed for direct inhalation and ambient delivery. For ambient delivery, it offers a glass aromatherapy dish that’s also known as the potpourri bowl.


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