Haze V3 is the first and only dual bowl vaporizer, which means it literally has two bowls to choose from. And given that it’s a 3-in-1 vaporizer capable of vaporizing dried blends as well as liquids, oils, and waxes, each bowl can be loaded with a different type of blend, making it one extremely versatile vaporizer. But all this aside, the question remains: just how well does it work? In this Haze Vaporizer review, we’ll explore just how well this vape works, breaking it down as best we can, while also comparing it to some of the top vaporizers on the market. So if you’re interested in finding out just how well this vape works, continue reading this review.

“When it comes to what really matters, the quality of vapor, this Haze Vaporizer does not disappoint.”

  • 91%
    Overall Rating - 91%


This is one of the best portable vaporizers we've ever used. It's durable, easy to use, fast heating, and capable of vaporizing dried blends as well as concentrates. Plus, it has excellent vapor production. We're talking nice thick clouds of tasty vapor. And with its dual chambers and replaceable battery design, it's a blast to share with some friends. We highly recommend this vape to anyone in need of a solid portable that does it all.


*This is a quick summary, in-depth review below.


The latest Haze vaporizer has 4 settings for dried blends, which range from 365 degrees Fahrenheit to 415 degrees Fahrenheit. While all 4 temperature settings work for dry blends, only the highest two settings work with concentrates. So if you’re looking to vape your waxes, oils, or what have you, you’ll want to use the higher temperature settings, which range from 390 degrees Fahrenheit to 415 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are the temperatures that correspond with each setting:

  • Level 1 = 365°F (185°C)
  • Level 2 = 380°F (193°C)
  • Level 3 = 390°F (199°C)
  • Level 4 = 415°F (212°C)

LED indicators on the front of the vape will show you which temperature setting you’re on. One light for level one, two lights for level two, three light for level three, and of course, four lights for level four.

Heating Method

This new version of the Haze vaporizer has a nifty feature: the ability to choose between convection and conduction. It does so by providing two different stainless steel screens to choose from, one of which being a conduction screen and the other, you guessed it, a convection screen. The convection screen, which is enclosed in four walls, doesn’t allow the material you’re vaping to come in direct contact with the heating chamber. This indirect heating method, while it certainly works, doesn’t produce as thick of vapor – so if you’re looking for those super dense hits, go with the other screen. The other screen, the conduction screen, is only enclosed on two sides instead of four, which allows the material to come in direct contact with the heating chamber.

Heat Up Time

While the manufacturer claims that it can heat up in as little as 60 seconds, we’ve found that it tends to take a bit longer to reach vaping temperatures. Still, with a warm up time of just 60 to 90 seconds, it’s by no means the slowest vape to warm up. Plus, once it is heated up, you don’t have just one chamber to vape, you have two.

Battery Life

Haze 3.0, like many modern portables, is powered by a lithium-ion battery. However, unlike quite a few of the dry blend portables that are out, it uses a replaceable battery design that allows you to quickly and easily swap your dead battery for a fresh one in a matter of mere seconds. While it takes roughly 4 hours to fully recharge a drained battery, the 2600 mAh batteries that it uses are capable of powering it for an extended period of time – easily long enough to get some serious vaping in. And when your battery is dead, you just swap it for a fresh one. This is a system that we absolutely adore given that it essentially allows us to vape without limitations, which is something that we really like. For reference, we strongly suggest you pickup some extra batteries and always keep some fresh ones prepped and ready for when your battery eventually dies.

While we’re big fans of the replaceable, rechargeable battery design, we’re also big fans of the charging dock itself that recharges the batteries because it’s not just a charging station for the vape’s batteries, it’s also a portable power supply that you can use to charge all of your USB rechargeable devices. This is something that Haze Technologies also included in the last version of their self-titled Haze vaporizer, version 2.5, and just like with version 2.5, it works great. For anyone who doesn’t have a portable power supply, it’s definitely a really nice bonus. And yes, it is included free of charge with every purchase of the Haze V3 vaporizer.

Weight & Size

This little vape might not be the smallest, but at 3.12 inches wide, 1 inch deep, and 3.25 inches tall, it’s still small enough to fit into most of our pockets relatively comfortably. It’s like having a large smartphone in its case in your pocket. Not so big that it doesn’t fit, but perhaps a bit larger than some would prefer. And as far as weight is concerned, weighing in at just 193 grams makes this portable fairly light, but not so light that it doesn’t feel nice and solid in your hand while you’re holding it.


In prior versions of the Haze, there have been problems. Fortunately, its maker was aware of these problems and did well to resolve them in version 3. One of the big issues that we saw in the past, similar to what we saw with the original Pax, entailed a stuck mouthpiece that came as the result of inadequate cleaning. And it’s not that we didn’t clean these devices, it was merely the fact that they were difficult to clean. Fortunately, as we see with the latest version of the Pax, Pax 3, the latest version of the Haze has resolved this concern. With Haze 3, the mouthpiece has been redesigned in a fashion that allows the mouthpiece to be easily removed even when you fail to clean it adequately. Or in other words, it doesn’t get stuck anymore, which is great. And that’s not all that was resolved with the latest variant as its newly redesigned concentrate cans no longer leak. Now, the concentrate cans are actually designed to contain liquids. Subsequently, they’re leak proof. Smart thinking.

Addressing what is less of a problem in our eyes and more of a concern, the new version now has a stainless steel metal lid designed to promote air flow through the chamber. What this means and that there’s noticeably less resistance when drawing on the vape. Definitely another improvement that we can appreciate.

And for those who vape in the wilds, the new temperature regulator on the Haze 3 is more precise than ever before. According to the manufacturer, it’s no longer affected by the outside temperature, humidity, air pressure, or altitude.

But hold on, we do have one complaint and that’s the size. While it’s not big enough to be impractical, it is a bit larger than we’d prefer to see in a portable. But that’s just us. Outside of this one half-complaint — yeah, we’re going to call it a half-complaint because that seems most befitting — there just aren’t any real issues with this vape. It works well, it’s not impossible to maintain, offers the endless vaping option through swappable batteries, comes with a portable charging station that doubles as a power supply for other devices, and it’s compact enough to actually bring with you when you go out. Plus there’s the dual chambers, ability to vape just about anything you’d want to put in it, and the fact that it’s very reasonably priced for all that it entails.

Cleaning & Maintenance

First of all, cleaning the Haze vaporizer is a necessity. This isn’t a cheap throwaway vape. It’s one you’ll use over and over again, for what will hopefully be years to come. And in order to keep it in proper working order, you’re going to need to clean it. Fortunately, it is cleanable and it does come with a cleaning kit. The kit includes the following:

  • Alcohol Prep Pads
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Easy Load Tool
  • Cleaning Agent

Outside of the kit, you need some isopropyl alcohol and some q-tips. When you combine these two missing components, you pretty much have the perfect cleaning kit to maintain your Haze.

In order to clean it, just follow these simple directions:

  1. Disassemble the vape.
  2. Mix cleaning agent with water.
  3. Add silicone components to cleaning agent and water solution and allow time (10-15 minutes) to soak.
  4. Use the cleaning brush to quickly clean out the dual chambers.
  5. Gently dip pipe cleaners in ISO and use them to clean the path that feeds from the dual chambers to the vapor path.
  6. Dip q-tips in ISO and use them to clean inside of the vapor/air path. Clean until q-tips are come out clean (without anything on them).
  7. Use q-tips dipped in ISO to clean the area where the mouthpiece is inserted.
  8. Use the alcohol prep pads to quickly wipe down the vape. The vape, with the exception of its silicone parts, is alcohol resistant.
  9. Soak all of the glass and stainless steel components in ISO.
  10. Rinse everything down with fresh water (except the vape itself) when you’re done.
  11. Allow time to dry.
  12. Reassemble.

That’s it. Just follow those 12 steps and your Haze V3 will stay in optimal working condition. And keep in mind, the more often you do it, the easier it is. If you wait too long in between cleans, it’ll definitely prove to be more of a hassle so just keep up with it and you’ll be fine.

Usage Tips

The following is a list of Haze V3 tips that we’ve compiled to help you make the most of this powerful portable.

  • For fat rips, try use the highest temperature setting and the conduction screen while taking long, steady draws. This works well for us. Also, try to give your vape a bit of time to roast your blend after it’s fully heated before you begin to inhale.
  • We really can’t stress this point enough: keep it clean. When you let it get dirty, it eventually gets clogged. If you keep it clean, your air and vapor paths will continue allow clean, tasty vapor to pass through. So again, keep it clean and it’ll treat you well.
  • Clean it more often when you’re vaping extracts. If you’re using the Haze to vape concentrates, you really need to be cleaning it more often because it tends to get a lot more dirty a lot more quickly.
  • Try packing different blends in the different heating chambers so you can switch between some completely different flavors.
  • Use the “XL Extended” batteries instead of the standard batteries. They provide significantly more battery life, which means more time to vape before you have to swap the battery. According to the manufacturer, they provide roughly 35% more battery life than the standard Haze batteries.
  • Share it with friends. They’ll love you for it.


Here are some comparisons between HV3 and some of the most popular portables on the market:

  • Haze V3 VS Pax 2 – They both heat up quick, have four preset temperatures, and are designed to vape dried blends so we can see why some folks are interested in seeing these two vapes compared. However, the reality is that both of these vapes are good vapes in their own sense. The Haze produces better vapor, but the Pax is a lot smaller. Then there’s the blends aspects. The Haze vapes not only dried blends, but concentrates as well, whereas the Pax is only designed to work with dried blends. So if you need a super compact portable, which the Pax is, and don’t mind working with just dried blends, then the Pax 2 is a reasonable choice. But if you’d prefer to sacrifice size for the sake of higher quality vapor, dual chambers, and the ability to vape oils, waxes, dried blends, and more – then it’s the Haze all the way.
  • Haze 3 VS Pax 3 – Pax 3 is definitely the more technologically advanced vaporizer of the two but even still, the Haze 3’s vapor tastes a bit better. Both are capable of vaporizing concentrates and dry blends, but only the Haze offers the dual chamber design and the ability to vape continuously thanks to its user replaceable battery design – a feature that the latest Pax is sorely missing. The larger of the two is the Haze by a long-shot, making it the less desirable when portability is of vital concern. But for situations when the size doesn’t matter, the Haze is our preferred vaporizer. When size does matter and you really need something compact and highly portable, Pax 3 is the obvious choice. In the end, it really depends on what you need from your vape but if we had to choose, we’d go with the Pax because it packs a lot under the hood and it’s just that much more portable.
  • Firefly 2 VS Haze V3 – While the Firefly 2 vaporizer is smaller than its predecessor, it’s still rather big and clumsy, making it somewhat comparable in size to the Haze even though it’s not quite as wide. Given that both are fairly bulky, this is somewhat reasonable comparison to make, but unfortunately for the Firefly, it just don’t vape quite as well as the Haze. It also lacks some of the features that really make the Haze one of our favorite portables. With that said, while the Firefly 2 is a solid vaporizer (unlike its predecessor, the original Firefly vaporizer), we prefer the Haze.
  • Arizer Air VS Haze V3 – While it’s somewhat close, the Arizer Air really is that much better than the Haze. One of the features that the Haze boasts that we really like is the removable battery and that’s a feature that the Air also incorporates. Plus, the Air is considerably more compact. And, not surprisingly given the quality of vapor produced by the Air’s predecessor, the Arizer Solo, the vapor produced by the Air is magnificent. If we had to choose between the two, well, let’s just say that the Haze’s dual chambers just can’t make up for the fact that the Air is a more compact vaporizer with superior vapor production.
  • Haze V3 VS Mighty – Storz & Bickel really hit the ball out of the park with the Mighty. It’s an extremely powerful portable vaporizer that pumps out vapor better than most desktop vaporizers we’ve used and that’s saying a lot. Its only real downside is its size, which borders on ridiculous given how small some of its competitors are. But at this time, there really isn’t a portable vape on the market that can compete with it in terms of vapor production and the Haze is no exception. Subsequently, given that the Haze is also on the larger size as far as portables are concerned, we vote in favor of the Mighty. For those who don’t mind its large size and high price tag, it’s well worth the money. But for those who can’t afford it, the Haze is definitely not a bad alternative.


There are no shortage of Haze V3 accessories. Subsequently, we’ve decided to put them in a list for easy reading. There may be more accessories for it by the time you read this but just know that we’ll do our best to update this list as more accessories are made available. For now, here’s what accessories the manufacturer has made available for the HV3:

  • Haze Dual Glass Water Tool Attachment – The name pretty much speaks for itself. This is a glass adapter to fit your water tools. It comes in two sizes so make sure you choose the right size. There’s a 14 millimeter and an 18 millimeter – standard sizes for the water tools they’re designed to connect the Haze vaporizer to.
  • Hazifier Glass Bubbler – The “Hazifier” is a glass water tool that adds water filtration to your vaporizing experience. It attaches directly to the vape so there’s no need for any additional components or accessories. Just add water and vape as normal.
  • Haze Vaporizer Accessory Key Chain – This might not sound like much but it’s actually very cool. If you’re thinking this is just some stupid key chain that you’ll never use, think again – it’s actually designed to hold everything you need to keep your vape in action. There are eight slots to hold your pre-packed canisters, which means you can pre-load 8 canisters with blend and stuff them inside of it to vape them at your leisure. This way, when the urge to vape arises, you won’t have to wait. Its housed in a tough stainless steel case that’s lined with durable plastic inside. You can remove the liner to open up more space, giving you more room to store your tools, blend, and whatever else you might think of.
  • Haze Vaporizer Leather Case – This isn’t even remotely necessary given that the Haze Dual is durable enough on its own and while big, still small enough to fit in your pocket. But if you want it, it does exist and it does do more than store the vape. It also has room to store some extra batteries and it has a belt clip, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into. The extra space for batteries though, that may prove to be enough of a reason for some to pick it up. For us, it’s just not something we find ourselves using all that often. We tend to just grab what batteries we need and stuff them in our pocket alongside the vape and head out the door. But, if you’re wondering if it’s nice, it is. It’s well made, practical, and it does it what it’s designed to do: store your vape, extra batteries, and clip onto your belt.
  • Haze Chamber Cleaning Sticks – These are basically pipe cleaners and while you can buy them at just about any vape shop or head shop, Haze Technologies sells them too. Buy them where you want but just know, you will need them to clean your vape.
  • Haze Vaporizer XL Extended Battery – These rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are significantly more powerful than the standard batteries that the vape comes with. These “XL” batteries, which have a capacity of 3200 mAh, offer roughly 35% more battery life than their standard counterparts. Get them. Use them. Simple as that.
  • Haze Cleaning Powder – This is the cleaning agent that comes with the vape. When you need more, you’ll want to pick some up. And remember, alcohol is not a substitute for the cleaning powder when it comes to cleaning some of the components, particularly anything made out of silicone. So when you need more, either get some or find a suitable alternative. And if you were wondering, the answer is yes, this stuff really works.
  • Haze Cleaning Jar – This is a nice little jar to have. It’s intended to be used in the cleaning process but you can use it for just about anything you want. It’s basically just a jar with a lid. You fill it with water, add cleaning powder, and use it to clean your components.
  • Haze Vaporizer Cleaning Tool – This is just a simple little brush, only it’s not quite as simple as you might think. It has a nice soft brush, similar to a paintbrush, on one side that you can use to sweep out your chambers and it has a much more abrasive brush with bristles on the other end which is great for scrubbing inside the mouthpiece. Definitely a handy little brush to have when it comes time to clean the vape.
  • Haze Easy Load Tool – Need a little tube to store your blend? Well, here’s one. Do you need it? No. Do we recommend it? Only if you have nothing better to do with your money. It works, it works well, and it’s cheap. But for many of you, you’ll probably find it unnecessary. Consider it completely optional.
  • Haze Vaporizer Convection Screens – These extra convection screens come in a 5 pack. Eventually, you’ll need more when you run out (assuming you want more of them). On the other hand, you could just pick up some conduction screens instead. Up to you.
  • Conduction Screens – These are our preferred screens. They’re open on two sides, allowing the blend to come in direct contact with the heating chamber.
  • Dry Blend Canister – These little canisters, which are sold in a two pack, are sturdier versions of the normal mesh canisters. You can easily pre-pack these in advance and bring them with you for quick loading when it’s time to vape. Also, use these if you want to clean the oven less because they make less of a mess than the normal ones. Just be careful when removing them after a session because they tend to retain heat longer and you don’t want to burn yourself.
  • Car Charger Adapter – This is one of the most useful accessories available. Pretty self explanatory. If you spend time in the car, buy the car charger adapter.

There are a number of other accessories, including heating chamber seals and other replacement parts among other things. You can click here to see what HV3 accessories are currently for sale.


Haze 3 is covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. While we don’t imagine you’ll need to take advantage of it, there are exceptions when that may very well be the case. Fortunately, their customer service team is extremely helpful and knowledgeable so you can rest assured that you’ll be well taken care of.

Vapor Quality

When it comes to what really matters, the quality of vapor, this Haze Vaporizer does not disappoint. Its stainless steel vapor path and optional glass mouthpiece deliver some of the tastiest vapor we’ve seen in a portable. And as far as density goes, it produces some seriously thick, blatantly visible clouds that are surprisingly cool for how close the heating chamber is to the mouthpiece. In short, we’re impressed.

Tip: For thicker clouds, grind your blend well, and then give it a little time to heat up and really roast your blend before you begin to inhale. And don’t forget to use the conduction screen!

Final Thoughts

The Haze 3.0 is an extremely solid vape. It’s reliable, easy to use, able to handle virtually anything you’d think to put in it, and its vapor production is nothing short of exceptional. That said, if you’re looking for a solid vape that does what you want it to do, buy the Haze. It won’t let you down. If you’re interested in picking one up, we suggest buying it through an authorized retailer such as this store here.