Watch the video above to learn how to use the Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel.

The Volcano series of desktop vaporizers, produced by German-based Storz and Bickel, is widely hailed one of the best. To us, the Digit, which is the more expensive digital version, is the hands down best vaporizer on the planet. It’s not difficult to use, but for first time users, it can prove to be a bit troublesome as its not 100% intuitive. In order to use it, you’ll want to follow the instructions outlined in the video above. The video, hosted on YouTube, was produced by the Volcano’s manufacturer so you can rest assured that so long as you follow the instructions outlined within it, you’ll be using it as intended. Doing otherwise could result in a voiding of the manufacturer’s warranty so before you do something out of the ordinary, be sure to consult with the manufacturer to make sure you’re not doing something you shouldn’t and voiding your warranty coverage. After all, with how good their customer service is, that is a warranty that you definitely don’t want to void because when something goes wrong, or rather, if something goes wrong, there’s a good chance they’ve got you covered so long as your warranty is intact.

The video we’ve embedded above, courtesy of Storz & Bickel’s YouTube channel, is one-minute and forty-nine seconds in length. At the time we published this article here on our website at, it had over 450,000 views. While its comments section on YouTube is disabled, or at least it was at the time we published this, you can always use our comments section below to reach out to us and our visitors. So if you have any questions, ask away!

Don’t care to watch the video? No worries, just read the written instructions below.

Volcano – How To Use

If you’re reading this, we’re assuming you either watched the video and still require some additional explanation or you ignored the video and decided to read this instead. Whatever the case, we created this section to explain exactly how to use the Volcano Vaporizer so continue reading to find out exactly how to use this awesome vape.

Note: These directions are numbered, but they don’t necessarily have to be followed in order. Also, this guide pertains to both the Classic and Digital versions of the Volcano.

  1. Plug it in and turn it on. The plug is intended to be inserted into an electrical outlet so find an outlet located close by and plug in the power cord. Once plugged in, flip the red switch, the heat button, located on the front of the device (near the bottom, below the display). This will turn the device on. Once on, the display will activate and the yellow “control” light will begin to glow, letting you know that the device is powered on and the heating element has been activated.
  2. Select your vaporizing temperature. For the Classic, turn the dial. With the Digit, press the plus and minus buttons located to the sides of the display. Once you’ve set the temperature, wait for the device to heat up. Once it’s heated up, the control light will turn off, letting you know it’s ready to be used. But while you’re waiting, don’t sit back and do nothing – instead, use the time to prep your blend.
  3. Prepare your blend. While the device is heating up to the desired vaporizing temperature, go ahead and begin to prepare your blend. For dry blend, use a grinder to grind things up and then place it into the filling chamber. If you’re using concentrate, go ahead and place your concentrate on the liquid heating pad before inserting the pad into the chamber. The pad can also be used to take up space if you want to use just a pinch of dry blend instead of loading it up completely.
  4. Place the filling chamber on top of the exhaust vent once the control light has turned off as the desired temperature has been reached. Then, attach the valve, which should already be attached to a balloon, to the filling chamber.
  5. Flick the green air switch to activate the vaporizer’s internal fan. This will begin the process of filling your balloon with fresh vapor as the fan will push warm air through the filling chamber — heating your blend to the point of vaporization — and into the bag.
  6. Turn the air off by pressing the switch again. The light should turn off, indicating that the internal fan has been turned off. Do this once the balloon has reached its capacity.
  7. Remove the filling chamber from the exhaust vent. Detach the chamber from the balloon and replace it with the mouthpiece. You’re ready to vape.
  8. Press the mouthpiece against your lips, opening the valve, and inhale the vapor.

We suggest setting the filling chamber aside when it’s not in use. So if you’re not filling a bag, there’s no reason for the chamber to be resting on top of the vape, as this could lead to unnecessary loss of blend. Follow these instructions and you’ll be vaping in no time.

About The Volcano

The Volcano — which is currently available in two distinct styles, Digital and Analog — is widely considered to be one of the best vaporizers around. Many, ourselves included, consider it to be the best desktop vaporizer ever made. Whether or not it’s truly the best vape is a question that’s difficult to reach a definitive conclusion on given that for some folks are better off with a portable than they are with a plugin. But as far as vapor production, build quality, and vapor production are concerned, it’s hard to top the Volcano. To learn more about the Volcano, check out our review of the Digit, the more expensive variant that offers a digital temperature control system which comes complete with a large display and buttons to adjust the temperature both up and down. In it, we explain why its remained one of our favorite vapes for years. And we also compare it to a number of other vaporizers, such as the Extreme Q, Herbalizer Vaporizer, and more. You’ll also find a wealth of technical information and the results of are testing, which shows manufacturer heat up times as well as what are own testing has determined to be the real heat up times – just as an example. So if you want to know more, be sure to check out our in-depth review of the Digital Volcano Vaporizer.