Stealth vaping entails the application of techniques intended to make one’s vaporization sessions less apparent to others. While the reasoning varies from one user to the next, the general idea remains the same: to vape with discretion so as not to enlighten others as to what one is doing when they’re vaporizing.

What’s the need for this incognito approach to vaping? In some places, vaping is either against the rules are simply frowned upon. In such instances, one might opt for a stealth vaping campaign as opposed to being forthright and open with their vaping. Take us for instance, we recently went out to see a movie in theaters and when we got there, we realized that we wouldn’t have to venture outside the theater and miss any of the action if we simply replaced our outdoor smoke breaks with indoor vape sessions, which is exactly what we did. While we certainly don’t condone such behavior not suggest others follow in our footsteps, the reality is that given a near empty theater with no one sitting around us, we decided to go for it. But we didn’t want to alarm anyone so we used a combination of techniques that may or may not prove useful to some of you. These techniques included the following:

Stealth Vaping Techniques

  • Hiding the light on the end of our portable vaporizer that lights up when we hit it. In order to do so, we simply grasped the end of the vape in one hand so as to hide the light. Did it work? Absolutely. Had we not, the cool blue light glowing in the dark of the theater would have been a telltale sign that we were indeed vaping.
  • Zeroing our hits was yet another method we employed. While we didn’t necessarily “zero” our hits, which means to hold in your hit until no visible vapor comes out when you exhale, we did hold them in long enough that the vapor that did come out was minimal. Between the covering of the light and the dramatic reduction of vapor exhaled, we basically had all of our bases with some exception.

When we refer to the exception, we are talking about two things primarily: sight and smell. If others could see what we were doing, it might have been apparent that we were vaping. We could have masked this to some extent by hiding the vaporizer in our hand while we puffed on it. As for the smell, the zeroing technique goes a long way but in the end, if someone is close enough, there’s a good chance they’re going to catch of whiff of what we’re vaping. In the end, it’s best to refrain from vaping in spaces where you know you shouldn’t or where you’re not supposed to, but in scenarios in which nobody is going to be bothered by a little vapor quickly dissipating into the air, we really couldn’t blame you if you went ahead and took some puffs.

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