The original Puffit vaporizer by Discreet Vape is one of the most stealth portable vaporizers in existence, right up there with the likes of the Grasshopper vape that looks almost identical to an ordinary pen. What makes it so discrete is its appearance, which closely resembles an ordinary inhaler, like an asthma inhaler, only this is no ordinary inhaler, it’s a portable vape designed for dry blends. Does it work? Is it worth buying? For the answer to those questions and more, continue reading this Puffit vaporizer review.

“…highly portable and extremely discrete.”

  • 52%
    Overall Rating - 52%


If discretion is what you care about most, this inhaler looking vape is right up your alley. But if you also care about how well it works, this probably isn't the vape for you. Its vapor production is well under par. It's light, wispy, hardly cloud-worthy, barely visible, and not all that potent. Subsequently, we don't recommend it. Instead, we suggest you take a look at some of the other portable vaporizers we've reviewed. But if you're intent on buying it, you can buy it here.


*This is a quick summary, in-depth review below.


The Puffit comes preprogrammed with eight vaping temperature settings to choose from. There’s no room for customization, but the range offers more than a little flexibility as far as the temperature is concerned. It ranges from 250 degrees Fahrenheit to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Adjusting the temperature is similar to the Plenty, there’s a simple rotary dial that you spin to select your setting, starting with level 1 at 250°F and ending with level 8 at 410°F. While this is a pretty wide range, it would be nicer if it went higher given that only the top 2 settings, level 7 and 8, offer visible vapor.

Heat Up Time

While the heat up time on this vape is less than a minute, we’ve found it to work better once it’s heated up a few times before use. This allows the oven to get nice and warm before its used. As far as the heat up time is concerned, it’s actually pretty decent so long as you’re not using our preferred method of heating it up a few times before using it. But seeing as we prefer to heat it up a few time before we use it, we’d have to rate it the heat up time fairly low as a lot of the other portable out right now that compete with the Puffit heat up dramatically faster.

Battery Life

Just how long the battery lasts on a portable is an important factor, especially when it’s not designed to be replaced by the user, which is exactly the case with this vape. Unfortunately, the battery doesn’t last all that long – not quite long enough to make it through a day without putting it back on the charger. And by putting it back on the charger, we mean plugging in its micro-USB charging cord. It also takes a while to recharge. All things considered, we rate its battery life okay. It’d definitely be nicer if it lasted longer, recharged quicker, and was user-replaceable. Still, it does look like an inhaler, so perhaps that’s enough for some users.

Weight & Size

Puffits are roughly the same size and shape as ordinary medical inhalers, which should give you a really good idea of how compact they are. They’re also surprisingly lightweight. In other words, they’re highly portable and extremely discrete. If you’re wondering if they fit in a pocket, the answer is simple: yes, they do. Definitely one of the more portable of the portable vaporizers that we’ve tested.


While there are plenty of vapes that we’ve had only minor issues and complaints with and some that are virtually problem free, the Puffit unfortunately doesn’t fall into this category as it has no shortage of issues. Some of which, at least some that is, we’re told are as a result of ours being from a bad batch of units that were manufactured. More specifically, the unit that we tested had a strange plastic-like taste that apparently not all of the units share, as this was, from our understanding, the result of it being from a bad batch that the manufacturer probably shouldn’t have shipped out. This aside, our main issue with this vape is its lack of potent vapor. While it does produce visible vapor, it’s just not as thick and full-bodied as we’d prefer. But this is more of a preference than it is an issue. Outside of this, we haven’t actually had any problems with our battery, however, we have heard from others that they’ve experienced battery issues. And the batteries aren’t cheap, which makes us a little concerned. Subsequently, we don’t really recommend this vaporizer at this time and instead suggest you take a look at some of the other higher rated portables that we’ve reviewed, like the DaVinci IQ and the Haze V3.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Wondering how to clean the Puffit vape? No worries, it’s actually really easy. For the most part, all you’re going to want to do is brush out the oven. A quick brushing out here and there and should stay in good working order. When necessary, replace the screen. Otherwise, just give it a nice good clean and it should continue working good as new. And so that you don’t have to share your germs with your friends, you can quickly swap the mouthpiece out for a fresh one so that everyone has their own mouthpiece to use when sharing. That about does it for the cleaning and maintenance, which is one area where we’re pretty impressed with this vape.

Usage Tips

Here on some tips on how to use the Puffit vaporizer to get the most out of it:

  • For the best cloud production, heat the vape up a few times (2-3) before using it, grind your blend pretty fine, don’t overpack the oven, and hold it upside down while you use it. For whatever reason, we’ve found this to produce the best vapor.let it heat up 2-3 time and hold it upside while you use it, seems to result in larger cloud production
  • Keep it charged. Basically, put it on the charger every chance you get because the battery unfortunately doesn’t last all that long.


As far as we’re aware, Discreet Vape has discontinued the Puffit. While you might still be able to find it in stores like your local vape shop, you may want to take into account that the manufacturer may very well no longer warranty them. In which case, you might be on your own if anything goes wrong.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Puffit is by no means impressive. It works, we’ll give it that much, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s light/wispy and not all that tasty or potent. We much prefer to use other vaporizers over this one and suggest taking a look at the Mighty if you’re searching for a portable with incredible vapor production because that’s exactly what the Crafty entails: incredible vapor production. In this regard, we have to rate the Puffit quite low as it performs well below our expectations.

Final Thoughts

We love the idea of this vape- the whole looks like an inhaler but it’s actually a vaporizer notion, however, after testing it thoroughly, we can’t recommend it to any of you. Its vapor production just isn’t where it needs to be and there are too many alternatives that work that much better. Subsequently, we suggest taking a look at some of the other portable vaporizers we’ve reviewed, many of which we’ve rated higher than this one. Still, if you’re intent on buying it, we suggest you at least buy it through an authorized retailer such as this store here.