KandyPens, which has been in the vape game since 2013, is collaborating on a new line of vaporizer pens with none other than Rakim Mayers, who is perhaps better known by his stage name A$AP Rocky. This new line of vapes is intended to convey wealth and elegance, as is made clear by its inspiration having been derived from a vintage Rolls-Royce. But still, it is Mr. Mayers, an American rapper from New York City’s Harlem neighborhood who is known for such hits as “L$D” and “Everyday,” that is the true inspiration for the vape line, which, according to Billboard, entails lavishly decorated vapes that boast wood veneer and gold trim.

The new vape line, known formally as the Flacko Jodye Collection, wouldn’t be complete without its 1930s style cigarette box looking case, which is designed to hold a vape as well as some blend – be it liquid, oil, wax, or concentrate.

Graham Gibson, the president and CEO of the KandyPens vaporizer company, was quoted by Vibe as having said that his company was “thrilled” to find that ASAP Rocky was interested in collaborating given that he’s “truly a tastemaker of our generation in both music and fashion.”

“A$AP Rocky is truly a tastemaker of our generation in both music and fashion (…) so we were thrilled when he wanted to work with us on creating a vaporizer set for the future, while at the same time capturing a classic style, reminiscent of the golden era. We are ecstatic at how this project turned out and can’t wait to see how the market reacts.”

Flacko Jodye Explained

Rocky also goes by Pretty Flacko, the “Pretty” being a reference to “pretty boy swag” and the Flacko being a reference to the Spanish word flaco, which means skinny. Implying that he’s a skinny pretty boy swag rapper.

Destined For Collaboration

Neither KandyPens nor Rocky is by any means a stranger to the world of collaborations as Kandy Pens has previously worked with the likes of Kodak Black and DJ Khaled, to name a couple of artists, and Rocky’s resume includes such reputable brands as Mercedes Benz and Courvoisier. So it really comes as little surprise to find that the two, one a vape pen manufacturer and the other a Harlem-born American rapper, have joined forces to produce a new signature line of KandyPen vaporizers.

What do you think of the new A$AP Rocky vape pens by KandyPens?