There’s a lot of talk about the existence of a Pax 4 vaporizer, which would mark the fourth and latest in the well known line of Pax portable vaporizers by the company formerly known as Ploom, Pax Labs. Does it exist and if so, when was it released? In this article, we’re going to cut straight to the chase and evaluate these claims from the rumor mill. So if you’re interested in learning the truth about these rumors, continue reading because that’s what we’re here to share with you today.

“…as of September 2017, there is no Pax 4.”

Right now, as of September 2017, there is no Pax 4. While we all want to see what Pax Labs has in store for us next, we have no official word from Pax Labs or their representatives so much as alluding to a new Pax in the pipeline. Or in other words, we have been unable validate or discredit rumors that a new Pax is on its way. So all we can say for sure is that as of present, there’s no Pax 4 vaporizer for sale anywhere – not on Amazon, not at vape shops. You won’t find this vape on the market because as of now, it doesn’t exist. So as for a release date, there is no Pax 4 release date to our knowledge – not one specified for future release, nor one that has passed.

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What Is Pax 4?

Pax 4 is more of a rumor than anything at this point, although that might not be true given that we don’t actually know whether or not there’s one in the works behind the scenes over at Pax Labs, makers of the Pax vaporizers. Now while it may or may not exist in some state, such as a prototype we have yet to see, there are already three unique versions of this popular portable being sold today. Those three versions, starting with the original and working our way up to the newest version, are known as the Pax 1 vaporizer, the Pax 2, and unsurprisingly, the Pax 3. With that in mind, the question arises: Do we really need another Pax? In our opinion, the answer is yes. With the progress we’ve seen in each new release, we can’t wait to see what the next version, if there is one, has to offer. But until then, we suggest taking a look at what is currently the latest Pax portable vaporizer to hit the shelves, the Pax 3, by taking a look at our comprehensive Pax 3 vape review. Be sure to check back as this article may be updated in the future to reflect changes in information available pertaining to Pax 4.

What Does A Pax Vaporizer Do?

While the answer to this question might seem obvious to some, we wanted to address it for those who are still unsure. The original Pax is a portable vaporizer designed to vaporize dried blends, a “loose-leaf” vaporizer as its manufacturer calls it. The newer versions, Pax 2 and 3, have the ability to vaporize extracts as well as dried blends thanks to their handy concentrate insert. In essence, Pax vaporizers provide a portable alternative to smoking that utilizes vaporization instead of combustion to create vapor instead of smoke.

Note: We’ll check back on this post to update it if and when Pax Labs ever releases any relevant information. In the meantime, we suggest taking a look at the latest Pax vaporizer, Pax 3.