In reviewing DaVinci’s latest portable, the IQ, Business Insider’s Jeremy Berke referred to it as “the most innovative vaporizer” currently on the market.

“The Davinci IQ is the most innovative vaporizer you can buy right now”

*To offer clarity on the quote above, it’s derived from the title of Berke’s review published on the Business Insider website within the article, he eventually offers what appears to be some clarity of his own regarding the title of his review as he writes that the IQ is “the most innovative handheld vaporizer on the market right now.”

In comparison to some of the other portable vaporizers Berke says he’s “handled” in his life, he can’t help but refer to the IQ as “a Rolex” while he writes off the others as reminiscent of a “cheap knockoff” by comparison.

While he notes that battery is designed to be user-replaceable, he refers to the battery life as a “major issue” due to its need to be charged after just a few sessions. And while we agree on quite a few notes with Berke’s review, we can’t help but disagree that this is in any way an issue, let alone a major one due to how quick and painless it is to swap out a depleted battery for a fresh one, a benefit that we covered in greater detail in our own, much more comprehensive review of the DaVinci IQ.

As far as the IQ’s vapor is concerned, Berke can’t help but agree with what seems to be the clear majority of IQ users when he writes in his review that the vapor it produces not only tastes good, it “tastes really good.”

All in all, we’d have to say that we agree with most of Berke’s take on the IQ following his own assessment of it. In the end, we think his general consensus is on point: it’s a good vape that’s worth buying. While Berke’s review is quick and to the point, our own DaVinci IQ review offers considerable more insight into its worth as we not only took the time to evaluate it in its entirety, we also made a point to compare it to some of its most formidable foes– including vapes like the new Pax as well as the Crafty and the Mighty. Worthy adversaries to say the least and clearly options some folks are considering buying instead of the new IQ. Which is why we felt it necessary to examine them in relation to the IQ and to include our findings in our review. And if you’re wondering just how well it stacks up against the rest of the top portables, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the comparisons included in our review, especially after you read this spoiler: depending on how you look at things, it doesn’t always win.