It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new vaporizer come out of DaVinci and by the look of things, that wait was well worth the while because the IQ is a beast, as we’ve detailed in our review of it. With its release comes a wealth of new features that weren’t seen in DaVinci’s last vaporizer, the Ascent. And where the Ascent made headway with its 100% glass vapor path, the IQ picks up where it left off with a now stronger material offering the same inert benefits to vaping as glass – a material called zirconia ceramic. And with it, the vapor pathway is now that much stronger than it was with the Ascent while the vapor quality from a purity standpoint remains unchanged. And that’s great because the purity of the Ascent’s vapor was really one of the areas where it managed to stand out, truly adhering to a purist’s take on vapor production.

Features Galore, But Is It All Too Much?

With all that the IQ entails, one may begin to question its wide range of features. But the truth is that its features, unlike quite a few other portables, are actually well executed and mostly useful to the extent that you’ll take advantage of them regularly. Take for instance the boost function that it offers. With it, you can quickly raise the vaping temperature mid-session. In order to engage it, you simply press and a hold a single button. Once you release it, it disengages. But while it’s engaged, the temperature rises rapidly, full-throttle, until it reaches the vape’s max temperature (430°F). Is it worth using? Absolutely. We tend to use it frequently, typically near the end of our sessions in a bid to quickly squeeze out the rest of our blend. Looking at its wide range of features, they’re all surprisingly useful – all the way down to the ability to reduce how bright the display is. This is by no means a random assortment of features, this is intelligent design. Each feature serves its purpose, some just more often than others. So to answer the question of whether or not the IQ has too many features, the answer is no. If anything, it’s lacking as it’s without one feature that we can’t help but notice and that’s the ability to vaporize liquids – a feature that its predecessor, the Ascent, possessed.

Endless Vaping With Battery Swaps

With the IQ’s battery design, the opportunity exists to replace depleted batteries with fully charged ones in order to vape continuously. And thanks to the way it’s designed, it’s less of a hypothetical scenario and more of a realistic possibility. All you have to do is open up the mouthpiece to expose the chamber that houses the battery, pop the battery out, and then insert a fresh one and close it all up. Takes seconds. Once you’re done, you can power it back up and continue vaping. This simple solution to the issue of battery life is made even more practical by DaVinci’s inclination to use rechargeable 18650 batteries, which are basically the standard for vape modders.

Quick Heat Up Time

One of the IQ’s more difficult to overlook features is its fast heat up time, which takes less than a minute to heat up. We say less than a minute, but DaVinci boasts that it takes just 16 seconds to heat up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. But at the temperatures we tend to vape at, it takes more like 45 seconds or so before it’s ready to go. Even still, this is definitely pretty quick – more than acceptable if you ask us. And as if to offer some sort of additional consolation, it actually does an excellent job of vaping at lower temperatures, whereas most other portables we’ve seen tend to see a dramatic reduction in vapor quality as the temperature diminishes.

App For Customization

The app is a nice addition that, while not necessary, adds some extra customization that you might find useful as well as some stats that you may be of particular interest to you. The app itself is well done, probably better than you’d expect. So we have to hand it to DaVinci, this is one really well done vape app.

One of the more interesting features it opens up is the ability to customize the Smart Path settings. These Smart Path settings, which can be called up on demand, follow specific instructions that, if you don’t choose to customize, follow DaVinci’s preset paths. When you customize them, you’re able to adjust the temperature flow throughout the session, starting things off at whatever temperature you see fit and adjusting as you go along, ending on whatever final temperature you prefer. This ability to customize the flow of the vaping temperature throughout the session without the need to manually adjust the temperature as you go is a system, although greatly improved with the IQ, that we first saw in the Ascent.

Water Filter Option

There’s a particular accessory that we can’t help but admire – the Honeybird Core. With it, you can transform the IQ into a water filtered portable vaporizer. And thanks to the IQ’s impressive vapor production and mouthpiece adapter, it’s not only possible, it’s awesome. While we’ve seen this before with some vaporizers, DaVinci actually manages to pull it off with the help of the Honeybird Core and accessories like it.