As many in the vape scene are already well aware, the DaVinci Vaporizer company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada has released its latest portable vaporizer, the innovative DaVinci IQ, and TechCrunch’s John Biggs has weighed in with his own thoughts on the new vape, calling it “a cyberpunk vaporizer with a nice draw” in an article published on the TechCrunch website.

While touting the IQ’s boost mode as a feature that allows it to get “the most out” of one’s blend “as quickly as possible,” Biggs can’t help but note that this little pocket-friendly new portable produces not only the most vapor of any vaporizer he’s tried this year, but also the “most flavorful.”

“[The IQ]¬†consistently produced the most and most flavorful vapor.”

In describing the IQ’s appearance, TC’s Biggs offered up an interesting description as he referred to it as a vaporizer reminiscent of a “futuristic stun gun” – definitely the first time we’ve heard that one.

In our own review of the DaVinci IQ, which you can click here to see, our thoughts are similar, but our choice of words to describe how incredible it is something else entirely. For instance, instead of referring to it as a “cyberpunk vaporizer with a nice draw,” we referred to it in our review as “a straight up beast” with “incredible” vapor production. But regardless of how anyone cares to describe it, the general consensus is clear: the IQ rocks. It’s truly one of the best portables on the market and until something better comes along, it seems reasonable to assume that it will maintain its status as one of the best vaporizers of 2017.