The Haze Square vaporizer by Haze Technologies is the world’s first four chamber vaporizer, it’s also the only “quad chamber” vaporizer (as its manufacturer, Haze Technologies, likes to call it) on the market – but wait, is it on the market? The Haze is listed on the Haze Vaporizers website, which is the manufacturer’s site, but it’s listed as “OUT OF STOCK” – clearly indicating that it’s not currently for sale, at least not to retail customers via their online store. However, they do offer quite a bit of information, some of which we’ll share with you while noting that nowhere on the product’s page on their site do they note that it’s a portable vaporizer, however, it is a portable from what we understand at this time. Which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that this is the same vape company that brought us all the Haze line of portable vaporizers, the latest and greatest of which currently being the Haze Dual V3. Which, if you didn’t grasp from its name, is a dual (two) chamber portable vaporizer.

“Chambers” Explained

What’s all this talk of different chambers? A single chamber vape is what your ordinary vape is. This entails a single oven area to load your blend. Dual chambers entails two separate ovens to be loaded separately with different blend (or the same blend loaded separately into each oven). The oven, or chamber, is the area of the vaporizer where the blend is placed in order to be heated by the vaporizer. What makes this particularly cool when it comes to the Haze 3 vaporizer is the fact that it supports a variety of different blend types, from concentrates to dried blends. So you have the option to load one blend in one side and another blend in the other, a dried in one and an extract in the other – the choice is yours. A highly entertaining way to vape. So you can imagine how the prospect of four chambers might intrigue us. Which is what we are, intrigued. Imagine what you could do with four separate chambers to load? If they do it right — which we figure there’s a good chance they might given the quality of the last two vapes, the Haze 2.5 and 3 — this might be one of the best vapes to use with your friends, or solo for that matter. We can’t wait to see how it turns out. But for the meantime, we’ll just stick to what we do know.

The Facts

The facts of the Haze Square as we know them according to the product page on the Haze Vaporizers website are as follows:

  • Quad Chamber – This means that the Square will have four separate chambers to load with blend. To switch between the different chambers, you’ll simply rotate through them. We suspect that there are two halves to the vape and that you literally rotate through the different bowls by cranking it in a fashion similar to how you would use a handheld grinder, a twisting motion that manually cycles through the different chambers.
  • Triple Use – The Square is compatible with virtually all types of blends. Its product description says it works with dried material as well as liquids and other forms of concentrates.
  • Quadruple Material Capacity – It supposedly has four times the material capacity, but we don’t know exactly how this is being calculated or what it’s in reference to as far as what it has four times the capacity of.
  • Convection – The Square uses convection to create vapor. According to its product description, it uses convection heating to maximize flavor.
  • Pods You Can Pack – The pods, like the Haze 3, can be prepacked for easy loading. This is a feature that we really like because it helps keep a nice easy flow to the vaping process once everything’s situated beforehand.
  • Easy Cleaning – Allegedly, it has removable parts that make it easy to clean. We won’t be able to verify this until we’ve had a chance to use it and clean it.
  • Warranty Coverage – It’s covered by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. What exactly that entails is unclear to us at this time.
  • Temperature Range – Not the widest we’ve seen but on the high end, it’s doing really well to compete with the max temperatures of a lot of the other high-end portable vapes with its range of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The range starts at 340 degrees Fahrenheit (340-450F).
  • Heat On Demand – While we have yet to validate this claim, its manufacturer claims in its current product description that it’s capable of heating up on demand “for instant satisfaction.” If this is anything like the Firefly 2’s incredible heat up time, we’re going to be impressed.
  • Preset Temperatures – It apparently has some form of preset temperature settings. What exactly this entails is unclear to us at this time but its product description indicates that it’ll be able to remember your last preset temperature settings.

What It Comes With

The Haze Square comes with what appears to be everything you need shy of blend to start vaping. This includes the following:

  • Mouthpiece (1)
  • Concentrate Pods (2)
  • Dry Blend Pod (2)
  • Wall Charger (1)
  • UK Electrical Outlet Adapter (1)
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable (1)
  • Material Tool (1)
  • User Guide (1)
Haze Square Vaporizer Sale Price (Screenshot)
This screen capture of the Haze Technologies website shows the retail asking price of $169.99 as of 10/1/2017. Note that the product availability indicates that the product is out of stock at this time. Credit:

The Cost

According to its product page on the Haze website, it has a retail price tag of roughly $170 (USD), or to be more specific: $169.99 (USD). If this is accurate, that would make it a relatively cheap portable vaporizer compared to what some of the top of the line portables are selling for these days.

More Information

If you want to learn more about the new Haze Square, you’ll just have to wait until we learn more. For reference, we’ll try our best to revisit this vape news update as we learn more about the Square. So if you’re hoping for a release date or review, you’ll just have to check back soon. You can always follow us on Twitter, which is where we post virtually all of our updates. So if you want to know what’s up with this new vape and everything else we’re doing as soon as we share it with the world, just head on over to Twitter and follow us at the handle @VaporizerShark.