The Arizer Air 2 comes as a significant improvement over its predecessor, the original Arizer Air vaporizer, but just how much of an improvement is it really and just how well does it work? For those answers and more, continue reading this review in which we explore the ins and outs of the new Air II while comparing it to its predecessor as well as its most formidable competitors.

“…an excellent option for anyone with a limited budget that’s in need of a quality vaporizer.”

  • 92%
    Overall Rating - 92%


The Air 2 is a pocket-friendly portable that vapes dried blends like a champ. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and it connects to your favorite glass accessories for added water filtration. As if that wasn't enough of a reason to fall in love with it, it also offers the benefits of a user-replaceable battery and pass-through charging, which basically translate into endless vaping sessions. But best of all, it's reasonably priced. Or in other words, it's quite literally the embodiment of what we've come to expect from Arizer: hi-quality at a low cost. This is one vaporizer that we highly recommend. It's great for beginners due to its ease of use, but it's also an excellent vaporizer for anyone in need of a low maintenance portable with powerful vapor production and a reasonable price tag. If you're interested in buying it, we suggest you buy it from this authorized retailer.


*This is a quick summary, in-depth review below.


The new Air has a wider temperature range than its predecessor. Where the original spans from 210 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, the new version spans from 122 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit (50-220°C). And unlike the original, which has just five preset temperatures to choose from, this new version offers users the ability to adjust its vaporizing temperature by increments of either one or ten degrees – an ability which hinges on the fact that it now has a digital display that shows the temperature instead of a simple LED light system that indicates which preset temperature it’s on.

While this new system is definitely favorable to the old one in our eyes, the old system with its preset temperatures is just as easy to use, assuming you don’t forget which colors correspond with which temperatures. As for the wider temperature range and ability to select the temperature of your choosing, ignoring notions of predefined temperatures to select from, it’s clear that the Arizer Air 2 is the superior vape. And as it compares to other portables beyond its predecessor, is does well in this regard as its range is roughly on par with what we see out of the other high-end portables on the market at this time.

Heat Up Time

Running at its maximum temperature of 428°F, this compact, almost pen-like vaporizer by Arizer, is capable of heating up in about 1.5 minutes, which is roughly 20 seconds faster than its predecessor. Obviously, at lower temperatures, it heats up that much faster. Compared to other portables, it fares well in this regard as some take minutes to reach their maximum temperature. But compared to the fastest of the portables like the near-instant Firefly 2, it could stand to see some improvement. For reference, how much juice is in the battery does have an impact on how quickly it heats up. Meaning, when the battery is fully charged, it heats up quicker than when it’s drained.

Battery Life

Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer Battery
This photo shows the Air 2 battery alongside the vape and its bottom lid, which is unscrewed to access the battery. This design allows for the battery to be quickly replaced, which translates into endless vaping sessions so long as charged backup batteries are on hand.

The Air II is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, an 18650 battery to be specific, which is the same type used by most modern vape mods. Subsequently, it’s easy to find replacements and backups, which is definitely a good thing given that it’s designed to be user replaced. This means that you can pickup some extra batteries and keep them fully charged to swap in when the battery in use is drained. And to us, that’s an awesome feature as who wants to wait around for their battery to charge when they could be vaping instead? Not us, that’s for sure. With this in mind, while a fully charged battery can power it for around an hour and twenty minutes at its highest operating temperature, it’s really not limited by the duration of power offered by a single battery as you can just as easily carry around an extra or two and use them to keep your sessions flowing.

Also, due to the type of battery in use, the standard 18650 lithium-ion, it’s possible to charge multiple batteries simultaneously by using an external charger. And for those who’d rather plug their vape than swap out the battery, there’s that option too. In fact, it can be used while the battery is drained so long as it’s plugged in thanks to its pass-through charging technology. And for reference, Arizer does make an external battery charger specifically for the Air 2 that’s capable of charging one or two batteries at a time.

For the most part, a single battery tends to provide us with about 7-8 sessions before it runs dry. Of course, you could very well prefer to vape at a lower temperature and for shorter durations, which is why you may very well get more sessions per battery than we do.

With all that said, the battery life is actually quite impressive given that you can swap out dead batteries for fresh ones in a matter of seconds. Simply remove the bottom lid, pop out the dead battery, and pop in a fresh one.

Weight & Size

Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer And A Blu Brand E-Cig
This is how small the Air 2 is – not much bigger than an ordinary reusable Blu brand e-cig. Pocket friendly? Absolutely.

Roughly the same size as the original, the new Arizer Air stands just 4.88 inches tall and measures just 1.13 inches in diameter. To put this in context, it’ll fit easily into just about any pocket. That, to us, is one of the big benefits of its design as it’s small enough to be a true portable. You don’t need to carry it around in a bag, although you might prefer to, and you certainly don’t need to use a carrying case, although there are benefits to doing so. When it comes right down to it, portability is no minuscule factor when choosing a portable vaporizer and the new Air more than excels in this regard. Now while small, it does not have that cheap vape feel to it. No, not at all. It actually feels quite solid when you hold it. A sturdy instrument, yet still lightweight and compact.


Arizer doesn’t make any bad vapes and the Air 2 is certainly no exception. But while we can’t find any flaws in its design, we were hoping for a bit more in light of how large of an improvement we saw with the Arizer Solo 2 in comparison to its predecessor, the original Arizer Solo. In particular, we were hoping for a bit less draw resistance and a slightly more compact design. But seeing as these “complaints” of ours are more of wishful thinking than they are actual complaints, we’re pleased to say that this is one vape that’s truly problem free. Well designed, well put together, and well worth the money.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Arizer Air 2 Vape Oven
This is what the Air 2’s oven looks like when it’s completely clean. After you use it, it’ll probably never look this clean again, but with a little effort, you can get it close enough.

Being low maintenance certainly has its benefits and that’s just what this vape is, a low maintenance vape. Quite a few of the portables have proven to be difficult for us to clean and maintain due to their designs, but with this one, that’s simply not the case as it’s actually extremely easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is dump out what’s left in the oven after your sessions, which we suggest saving to turn into extracts, and occasionally clean your mouthpieces by either soaking them in isopropyl alcohol (ISO) and then rinsing them in warm water or by cleaning them with a combination of q-tips dipped in ISO and the cleaning tool that it comes with, the latter of which allows you to scrape off any residue by hand. But for the most part, we suggest simply soaking the glass mouthpieces in ISO and then rinsing them in warm water. That generally does the trick. And for any leftover residue, getting in there with a q-tip dipped in alcohol will do the trick, as it allows you to rub off any residue that the soak and rinse cycle leaves behind. That said, this is one of the easiest portables to clean and maintain. Brush out the oven and clean the mouthpieces. That’s all there is to it.

How To Use

Thanks to its new digital display, a feature not seen in the original, the Air vape is now that much easier to use. It was already easy to use, but now, it’s even easier. Subsequently, this is one of the vaporizers that we highly recommend for beginners because it really is just that easy to use. Here’s how you use it:

  1. Step one is to power on the device. In order to do this, simply hold the power down for a few seconds and it should light right up, assuming it’s fully charged and in proper working order.
  2. Once turned on, select the temperature of your choosing by using the buttons, up and down arrows, located below the display to adjust the temperature to your preference.
  3. While it’s heating up, go ahead and pack your blend into the mouthpiece and then gently tap on the end that you just loaded to create a small air gap (1 millimeter) before inserting the mouthpiece into the oven. Inhale. That’s all there is to it.

Note: When you first begin using this vape, the mouthpiece will fit really snug. Subsequently, it’s easier to slide in and out once it’s heated up. After extensive use, it’ll loosen up a bit, making it easier to pull in and out. Also, the gap created by tapping on the end of the mouthpiece after it’s packed is made to ensure optimal convection heating of the blend. Otherwise, the blend is vaporized through the process of conduction, which comes as a result of the blend coming in direct contact with the heated surface of the oven.

Usage Tips

Here are some Arizer Air 2 tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Air 2.

  • For the best cloud production, grind your blend nice and fine, crank up the heat, and insert your packed stem while it’s still heating up. This will give it some time to roast in the oven before you take a draw. The result? Thick, potent clouds of tasty vapor.
  • To ensure optimal vaporization of your blend, always make a point to tap on the end of the stem/mouthpiece after you load it with blend. This way, a small gap will be created between the blend and the oven once inserted, which will result in optimal convection style vaporization of your blend.
  • For those who, for whatever reason, prefer to use a combination of convection and conduction, don’t bother tapping the end of the stem after loading to create a gap. This will allow the blend to come in direct contact with the heated surface of the oven, which in turn will lead to conduction style vaporization of your blend. As heated air will still be passing through the blend, it’ll actually result in a combination of conduction and convection.
  • For the best tasting vapor, make sure to tap the end of the stem to create a small gap before inserting it into the oven, vape at a lower temperature, and only insert the stem once the oven is fully heated.
  • To reduce draw resistance, pack less blend into the oven. This will free up some space, increasing the airflow. On that note, if you find the need to stir your blend to achieve even vaporization, try packing less as you may be over-packing your stems.


Wondering how the Arizer Air 2 compares to its most formidable competitors? You’re certainly not the only one, which is why we’ve put together this vaporizer comparison section in which we compare the new Air to some of the best and most popular portables on the market.

  • DaVinci IQ VS Arizer Air 2 – Both use rechargeable 18650 batteries designed to be replaced by their users, which mean both support endless vape sessions so long as there are backup batteries available. But aside from what’s similar, these two vapes have a lot of differences. For one, the IQ uses a material much stronger than glass that is also inert like glass, zirconia ceramic, whereas the new Air obviously uses glass. Subsequently, both produce tasty vapor, but the real difference is in the density. The Air’s vapor is noticeably lighter than the IQ’s, which is really one of the IQ’s claims to fame: powerful vapor production. DaVinci’s IQ is also the more portable of the two, as it’s that much more compact. Both will fit in your pocket and fit nicely at that, but the IQ is a more comfortable fit due to its shape and size. For those reasons, some may prefer to buy the IQ, but for others, there are still reasons to run with the Air 2. Take, for example, the battery life. While both allow for their drained batteries to be swapped out for charged ones, a fully charged battery in the Air tends to last longer for us than it does in the IQ. Then there’s another variable: ease of use. The Air 2 is definitely the easier vaporizer to use. And then there’s the price. The IQ is pretty reasonably priced given all that it entails, but the Air 2 is that much less. So if you’re looking for the less expensive of the two, the Air 2 is the clear winner. In summary, we’d have to say that the Air 2 is an excellent option for anyone with a limited budget that’s in need of a quality vaporizer and the IQ is the better option for those who are after higher density vapor that don’t mind the price increase.
  • Mighty Vaporizer VS Arizer Air 2 – The Mighty is definitely the more powerful of these two vapes and like the Air 2, it too has built-in digital temperature controls complete with a readable display. However, when it comes to portability and price, the Air 2 has the Mighty beat by a long-shot. That said, for those who want power and don’t care what it costs — in this case, a loss of portability and a substantial increase in price — the Mighty is the obvious choice. But for those who want a compact alternative for a more reasonable price, the Arizer Air II is an excellent option.
  • Arizer Air VS Air 2 – According to some accounts, the Air 2 is 50% better than its predecessor. Regardless of how accurate that figure is, it’s clear to us that the new Air is the superior vaporizer. Where the original offers just 5 preset temperatures to choose from, this new version offers a wide range to select from – exponentially more options. It also has a more powerful battery, which means you can get more out of every charge. As for their vapor quality, they’re surprisingly similar. We were actually hoping for a more dramatic improvement in the draw resistance and vapor density departments. But on the upside, you can rest assured that both are solid vapor produces so no matter which one you get, you’re in good hands. But if you want our suggestion, go with the Air 2, it really is that much better.
  • Pax 3 VS Air 2 – This is a real battle here. In regards to vapor quality, we prefer the Air 2, however, the Pax 3 is more compact, retains the flavor profile of the blend for longer thanks to its sophisticated heating modes, and it’s definitely the more discreet of the two. However, maintaining the flavor of the vapor for longer isn’t everything and in the case of the Air II’s vapor, it’s actually stronger, tastier but for less time, and it’s a bit cooler and smoother, especially when you attach it to a water filter. But there’s yet another reason why some folks might opt for a Pax instead and that’s the fact that it’s designed to vape concentrates as well as dry blends, whereas the Air is limited to just dry blends at this time. Subsequently, the choice is yours. For better vapor quality, go with the Air, but for portability and extracts, go with the Pax.
  • Solo 2 VS Air 2 – In comparison to the new Air, the Solo II is the better vape. It’s basically a more powerful version of the Air 2, but it’s not nearly as easy to conceal in a pocket given its somewhat bulky design. It also lacks the ability to quick swap batteries, but beyond that, it’s pretty much better in every sense. Choosing between the two really comes down to the question of how much you care about portability. In the case of the Air II, you have a vape that you can stuff in your pocket without any issue and it’ll rest there comfortably until you’re ready to use it. The Solo on the other hand takes up a bit more space and while there’s a good chance it’ll fit, it might not fit comfortably. But if you don’t care about this aspect, then the Solo 2 is the way to go. Otherwise, the Air 2 is what you want.
  • Crafty Vaporizer VS Arizer Air 2 – Storz & Bickel’s Crafty produces better vapor, but not by all that much. However, it also has a lot less draw resistance than the Air, which is definitely preferable from our perspective. Like the Air, it too has limited battery life, however, unlike the air, it doesn’t offer quick battery swaps to keep the party going. Instead, it relies on an external battery called the Power Bank to extend its battery life. And unlike the Air, it doesn’t have the convenience of built-in digital temperature controls and instead relies on its app to adjust its temperature settings, of which there are only two but each can be programmed to a different temperature from within its wide temperature range. For those willing to sacrifice a bit of vapor quality–mind you, the Air’s is still well above average in this regard–and the ability to vaporize concentrates, which the Crafty can do, for the sake of portability and digital temperature controls, the Air 2 is the better option. Otherwise, it’s the Crafty all the way. But with all this considered, there’s still another variable that can sway some buyers in one direction or the other and that’s price. In the case of the Crafty, what you’re looking at is one of the more expensive portable vaporizers out right now. In the case of the Air, you’re looking at one of the best bargains on the market.


Arizer Air 2 accessories are in great abundance and easily acquired from a number of vape shops as well as directly from their manufacturer, Arizer. Here’s a list of the accessories currently available for this impressive little new vape:

  • Glass Aroma Tube – These glass tubes, also known as stems, come in three different lengths. The shorter being the more compact, but the longer being the better as far as vapor quality is concerned as they allow a bit more time for the vapor to cool before it reaches its user. The three sizes available are 110 millimeter, 90 millimeter, and 70 millimeter. There’s also a curved variant that has a bend in it which is available in just one size.
  • Tipped Glass Aroma Tube – While we’re not fans of the tipped stems, they do exist and for those that want them, Arizer sells them. They’re available in two sizes, 60 millimeter and 70 millimeter. Replacement mouthpiece tips are also available. These can prove nice for those who tend to share their vaporizers often as it allows for each user to have their own mouthpiece tip.
  • Frosted Glass Aroma Tube – This is one of the best accessories available. It’s designed to connect the Air 2 to any third-party glass piece. It comes in two sizes, 19 millimeter and 14 millimeter.
  • Glass Aroma Dish – For portable aromatherapy, look no further than this accessory. It’s designed to vaporize dried blends, releasing their aromatic properties ambiently into the air around. This is also known as the potpourri dish.
  • Stem Cap Pack – These silicone caps are an awesome accessory that everyone should buy for their Air. With them, you can pre-pack your stems with blend and then cap them for storage. This way, when you’re ready to use them, they’re right there waiting for you. They’re made from food/medical grade, heat-rated silicone.
  • Stainless Steel Stirring Tool – This little poker is a nice accessory to have. It comes in handy when it comes time to empty the oven or stir your blend.
  • Soft-Shell Case – This case is designed to hold the vape itself, the vape’s wall charger or car charger, up to 6 pre-loaded stems, batteries, and more. Although not necessary, it’s a nice way to keep everything you need all in one place.
  • Hard-Shell Case – This is the more durable case offered by Arizer. Like its soft-shell counterpart, it too is designed to hold the vape, spare batteries, and up to 6 stems. Nice for those who like to pre-pack their stems.
  • Belt-Clip Carry Case – Going for a hike? This case might be just what you’re looking for to bring your Air along for the journey. It has enough space to hold the vape, a couple of stems, and some spare batteries. It’s a bit confined, but it does clip to a belt.
  • Backup Battery – Arizer sells high powered lithium-ion 18650 batteries for the Air 2 as either backups or replacements. We suggest everyone buy at least a couple of these to take advantage of its quick swap option.
  • Battery Case – This battery case made by Arizer holds just two batteries at a time. It’s a nice way to store a couple of extra batteries while you’re on the go, but if you want our advice, don’t even bother with it. Just drop your batteries in your pocket or store them in one of the other handy cases available as they hold more than just your batteries.
  • Dual Battery Charger (External) – This is an external charger designed to plug into a wall outlet. It’s capable of charging either one or two batteries at a time. It comes in four different styles designed to accommodate power outlets in North America, Europe, Australia, and the United Kingdom (UK).
  • USB Charger / Power Adapter – This combo pack comes with both a USB charging cord and a wall adapter so you can either plug the vape into a wall outlet or directly into a USB connected device to recharge.
  • USB Charger Cord – For those who just need the USB charging cord, Arizer sells them individually.
  • Car Charger – This is one of the accessories that we strongly recommend buying to those who can use them. With it, you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice so long as you’re in your car. And thanks to the vape’s pass-through charging technology, you can use it to vape endlessly without even having to swap out the battery when it runs dry.


The Arizer Air 2 is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and for those unfamiliar with its manufacturer, the Canada-based Arizer company, they have one of the best customer service teams in the industry. Plus, all of their vapes, the Air 2 included, are manufactured from high quality components that are both durable and reliable. So there’s a good chance you won’t need to reach out to them for any troubleshooting with your vape. But if you do find yourself in need of their assistance, you’ll be pleased to find that they’re extremely knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to troubleshooting their products and resolving any potential issues that might arise during the normal course of operation. In other words, if something does go wrong, you can rest assured that Arizer has got your back.

Vapor Quality

The quality of the vapor, which is arguably one of the most important variables to consider when buying a new vaporizer, is well above average with this vape. It could be a bit more dense (thicker) and there could be a bit less draw resistance, but even still, it’s some really hi-quality, tasty stuff. And when you connect the vape to a water filter, it’s that much cooler and smoother. All things considered, we’re more than just a little impressed with the quality of vapor it’s capable of producing given its small size and as is the case with all of the Arizer vaporizers we’ve tested, its vapor is always pure and delicious.

Final Thoughts

Dollar for dollar, it’s hard to match all that the Arizer Air 2 offers in way of portability, power, ease of use, and quality of vapor. This is undoubtedly one of the best compact portables for around $200. And unlike some of the other high-end portables we’ve tested, some of which cost considerably more, it’s actually just as easy to clean and maintain as it is to use. This is one portable that we strongly recommend, especially for beginner vapers who just want something easy to use that works well and costs little. We give it two thumbs up. Definitely a top tier vaporizer that’s worth every penny. If you want to buy the Arizer Air 2, you can buy it from this authorized retailer here.