The Crafty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is a high-powered portable designed to support dried blends as well as concentrates. It’s battery powered, easy to use, compact enough for a pocket, equipped with an app, packed full of features, and priced reasonably well. But the real question remains: just how well does it work? To find out, continue reading this review.

“When it comes to vapor production, the Crafty is mind-blowingly awesome.”

  • 92%
    Overall Rating - 92%


The Crafty is one of the best portable vaporizers we've ever used. Its vapor production is on par with or better than what one might expect from a high-end desktop vaporizer -- thick, delicious, smooth, and plentiful. And thanks to its built-in cooling unit, it's also cool. Literally the best vapor we've ever seen in a portable. If you're looking for the best vapor production you can find in a pocket-vaporizer, this is it. The Crafty is literally the best you'll find. We highly recommend it to anyone in need of a solid portable that cares more about vapor quality than portability. We say this because the Crafty is, simply put, not the most "portable" of the portable vaporizers. It fits in most pockets, but it's still quite a bit larger than vapes like the Pax. Still, with virtually unrivaled vapor production from its competitors, it's hard to find a reason not to love this vape. If you're interested in buying the Crafty, we strongly suggest you buy it from an authorized retailer such as this store here.


*This is a quick summary, in-depth review below.


The Crafty has a temperature range that begins at approximately 104 degrees Fahrenheit and ends at 410 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the equivalent to 40 to 210 degrees Celsius. While its maximum temperature isn’t as hot as what we see in some of the other portable vaporizers, unlike most others, it actually works incredibly well at lower temperatures.

By default, the vape has two temperature settings: Default and Boost, which correlate with 356°F and 383°F respectively. While both settings can be changed via the vape’s app, these two settings actually work surprisingly well for how low they are. Subsequently, we strongly suggest you try them out before you change them because you might be surprised by the vapor that the Crafty produces at such low temperatures. If after you try them and you find that they’re not quite right for you, you can always open up the app on your smartphone or similar device and use it to adjust the two temperature settings to whatever you prefer– so long as what you prefer is within the 104°F – 410°F range that the vaporizer offers.

Heat Up Time

With a heat up time of around two minutes or less, the Crafty is definitely not the fastest heating portable we’ve come across. In fact, it’s actually on the slower side. But once it heats up, it does a better job of maintaining the set vaping temperature than most other vaporizers, both plugin and portable, that we’ve tested. Even when you’re drawing on it aggressively, it still manages to maintain the temperature – resulting in some of the best vapor production we’ve seen in a portable. This is a far cry from the fast heating Pax 1 vaporizer that is fast to heat up, but once it’s there, the temperature fluctuates all over the place, making its vapor production anything but consistent. It’s more of a puff here and a puff there with the Pax 1 and other vapes like it, but with the Crafty, it’s a steady stream of vapor. But more on that in the vapor quality section of this review.

Given that the Crafty’s heat up time is less than impressive, its vibration-alerts are actually quite useful as you can turn it on, start the heating process, and then tuck it away in your pocket until it’s ready to use – which you’ll know when you feel it vibrating in your pocket.

Battery Life

Crafty vaporizers are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which is quite common in today’s portables. But unlike its sibling, the Mighty vaporizer, it’s powered by a single lithium-ion battery instead of two. This single battery offers about 45 minutes of continuous use. For us, this equates to about 4 to 5 full sessions before the battery runs dry and needs a recharge. Recharging it takes approximately 2 hours, assuming it’s completely drained. While this isn’t the fastest recharge time we’ve encountered, the partial pass-through charging that it offers does allow you to start using while it’s charging so long as the battery is charged to at least 20 percent.

Not enough battery life for you? There is a resolution. You can either buy a portable battery pack made by a third party that you can plug the Crafty into via its USB charging cord or you can buy the Crafty Power Bank, which is made by St0rz & Bickel specifically for the Crafty. The Power Bank, a portable recharging station for the Crafty, is pocket-friendly and capable of providing an additional 90 minutes or so of vape time.

Weight & Size

Crafty isn’t the smallest of the portables we’ve tested, but it is a lot more compact than its sibling, the Mighty. In comparison to vapes like the new Pax, while not nearly as small – it is still compact enough to fit in a pocket, but not by much. Comparing it to the Pax 3, which is definitely one of the more compact portables, it’s a bit more than twice the size. It’s slightly taller and about twice as wide, making it quite large in comparison, but still small enough to slip into your pocket. As far as weight is concerned, it’s actually quite light, which is a bit surprising given its size. But it’s not so light that it feels cheap, it actually has a very a nice feel to it when you hold it – solid, yet still light. Its exact dimensions are 4.3 inches tall, 2.2 inches wide, and 1.3 inches deep. And its exact weight is 0.3 pounds, which is the equivalent to 135 grams.


While this powerful pocket vape works just fine without the app, the app really takes it to the next level, opening up features that you wouldn’t otherwise have to access to through its simple single-button interface. With the app, you can set the temperature to whatever you want – anything within its 104 to 410 degree Fahrenheit range. Without it, you’re limited to the two default temperatures programmed into the basic and boost temperature settings. With it, you can not only customize both of these temperature settings to your preference, you can also adjust the brightness of the vape’s LEDs, check how much juice is left in the battery, toggle the vibration alerts on and off, and more. Needless to say, this is one vaporizer app that you will want to use.


Crafty vaporizer problems are really non-issues. What we mean by this is that if you do happen to run into an issue, whatever that may be, we can pretty much guarantee that Storz & Bickel, its manufacturer, will resolve it. Their customer service team is one of the best we’ve encountered in the industry and as far as we’re concerned, they always go above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of all their customers. But as far as our own experiences with the Crafty are concerned, we have yet to run into any issues. This is one well made vape.

Cleaning & Maintenance

As is the case with most vaporizers, especially portables, the Crafty requires regular cleaning and maintenance in order to stay in top working order. Fortunately, it’s one of the easier portables to clean. In order to clean it, simply follow the cleaning instructions below:

  1. Clean the heating chamber (oven) and upper screen after every session or so using the cleaning brush that it comes with. You don’t have to get too thorough here, just make sure that there aren’t any large particles left behind. A little residue won’t hurt, just brush out the large pieces of material left behind. And for those trying to make the most of their blend, be sure to save the vaped leftovers to be reused later. Not sure how to reuse them? Take a look at the Magical Butter Machine, a device that transforms vape trash into extract.
  2. Clean the top piece every so often, whenever it calls for it. The whole piece comes completely off and then breaks down into smaller pieces, making it easy to clean. We suggest cleaning it whenever it calls for it – check it regularly and when it appears dirty, give it a quick clean.
  3. Remove and replace the screen when it’s dirty by using the poker tool. Once removed, clean out the area below it that’s exposed using the brush before inserting a fresh screen. Removing the screen will typically damage it so only remove it if you have a replacement screen on hand and are fully intent on replacing it.
  4. Check the seals and replace as necessary. If dirty, simply remove, clean, and then reattach.
  5. Wipe down the exterior with a lightly moistened cloth.

When necessary, you can and should soak components that can be submerged in either a combination of gentle soap and warm water or isopropyl alcohol. Please note that not all components can be submerged and of those that can, you may not want to soak all of them in ISO. So be careful when cleaning as to not damage any components. For those that you do soak, simply soak them, wipe down if necessary, and then rinse under warm water before drying and reassembling.

Usage Tips

When it comes to using the Crafty, you don’t need to know much in order to make the most of it because this is one vape that works for you, not the other way around. Still, there are some Crafty vaporizer usage tips that we’d like to share with you to help you get the most out of your vape, so here they are:

  • Don’t overpack the oven as doing so will increase draw resistance, making it harder to hit.
  • Use the app. This is one app that you won’t want to ignore. It provides access to features that you will otherwise be unable to access, which includes the ability to customize the temperature.
  • Consider using the two programmable temperature settings, boost and basic, for different blend types. For instance, you could set the basic temperature setting to one which works well for dry blends and the other setting, the boost setting, to a temperature that works well with concentrates.
  • Clean it regularly in order to keep it in proper working order. Consult the “Cleaning & Maintenance” section above for more information on how to clean the Crafty vaporizer.

Have your own tips? Send them to us using the contact form here on our site.


Here are some Crafty vaporizer comparisons to help you understand how this powerful little vape stacks up against its most formidable competitors.

  • Crafty Vaporizer VS Mighty – Both of these portable vapes are made by esteemed German manufacturer Storz & Bickel, which is the same company that has brought us the Volcano vaporizers. With that in mind, it probably comes as little to no surprise to find that both of these vaporizers are incredibly powerful, top of the line machines. But there are some differences and pretty significant ones at that. For starters, the Mighty is bigger and not just a bit, but a lot. It’s so big we have trouble looking at it as a portable, as it’s more of a cordless handheld that won’t often see the light of day, by which we mean: you won’t take it out often because it’s just too big to lug around in a pocket. The Crafty on the other hand, is compact enough for a pocket, but it lost its built-in digital temperature controls when Storz & Bickel shrank it down to size. So instead of having a display and temperature control buttons built directly into it, it has an app that serves the same purpose in allowing its users to adjust and customize the temperature. Those are the two big differences between these two high-end vapes: size and temperature controls. But the Mighty also lasts longer, which isn’t much of a surprise given that it’s powered by two lithium-ion batteries, whereas the Crafty is only powered by one. All in all, we prefer the Crafty for the most part because of its improved portability. For home use, the Mighty is an absolute beast, but when we’re out and about, it’s the Crafty that finds its place in our pockets.
  • Pax 3 VS Crafty – There are quite a few differences here as well as similarities, but to cut through all this and get straight to the heart of the matter, it’s clear that both of these vapes have their appeal and which one is best is really more of a question about what you want out of your portable vaporizer. Both are designed to handle dry blends as well as concentrates. They both run on rechargeable battery power, have apps, and are pocket friendly. But the Pax is definitely the more portable of the two given that the Crafty is roughly twice its size. However, the Crafty’s vapor production is clearly superior so in the end, it’s a question of how much portability you’re willing to sacrifice for the sake of vapor quality. If you don’t mind its size, the Crafty is the clear winner in our book, but if you just need something small that gets the job done, the Pax is where it’s at. The decision is yours. To learn more about the Pax 3, check out our review.
  • Firefly 2 VS Crafty – This is an interesting comparison given that we thoroughly appreciate both of these vapes, but in the end, we certainly have our preference when it comes the two. Both vapes have an app, fit in your pocket, and vaporize just about anything, but the Firefly has the superior heat up time. Only, this would seemingly seal the deal but the reality is that the Crafty’s vapor is just that much better. So in the end, we leave it to you to decide what means most to you: a fast heat up time or a quality of vapor typically only seen in high-end desktop vaporizers. For us, both have their place. When we want to get to vaping quickly, it’s the Firefly 2 with its near instant heat up time that does it for us. And when we’re out and about and just want to take a whole bunch of vapor to the face, it’s the Crafty that we pull out.
  • Pax 2 VS Crafty – While we could go back and forth comparing features between the two, it’s easier for everyone if we cut straight to the chase and say that the Crafty is the better vape so long as you don’t mind how much less compact it is. If portability is of high concern, spring for the Pax. But if you don’t mind how much space your vape takes up in your pocket or purse, go with the Crafty – it’s just that much better.
  • DaVinci IQ VS Crafty – This is a tough comparison to make. Both of these vapes are rock solid, but its the IQ that is, like the Pax in comparison to the Crafty, the more portable of the two and not by a little, but by a lot. If you want something you can fit comfortably into your pocket, you’re going to want to go with the IQ. But if you’re willing to sacrifice some more room in your pocket for the sake of raw power when it comes to vapor production, then it’s the Crafty all the way. But there is another big difference between the two: the battery. The new IQs have, unlike the earlier DaVinci vaporizers and unlike the Crafty, a design that allows you to quickly replace the battery. What this means is that you can pop out a dead battery and pop in a fully charged one in a few seconds to keep on vaping. In contrast, the Crafty needs to be recharged once fully drained, at least to 20 percent before it can be used again. Then again, the Crafty does have a notable accessory that resolves this issue to an extent: the Crafty Power Bank, which is an external battery pack that you can plug the vape into to charge while you’re on the move. Then there’s yet another major difference between the two: what blends they’re designed to handle. In the case of the Crafty, thanks to its liquid pads, it’s designed to handle everything from dry loose-leaf blends to sticky concentrates and runny liquids. The DaVinci IQ, in contrast, is only designed to handle dry blends. But, don’t let that fool you, it can be used for – only it’s not intended for anything outside of dried blend so vaping anything else could not only void your warranty, but potentially damage the unit itself. So when it comes to vaping concentrates, we much prefer the Crafty. In the end, the questions you have to ask yourself are what blend types you intend on vaping and how much portability and battery life mean to you when vapor quality is at stake. For the best vapor production, go with the Crafty. For portability, the IQ.
  • Arizer Solo 2 VS Crafty – This is actually a pretty good comparison right here, the new Solo and the Crafty. Both have powerful vapor production, are on the bigger side of the pocket-sized portables, are powered by rechargeable batteries, and offer a wide range of temperatures. Now while there are a lot of similarities, we prefer the Crafty due to its ability to vaporize concentrates as well as dried blends, whereas the Solo II is only designed to support dried blends. Plus, the Crafty’s vapor production is a little better. But in the end, the Solo II, for those who just want to vape dried blend, is an awesome little vape with built-in digital temperature controls that make adjusting the temperature on the fly that much easier. This is a close match between these two top tier portables, but in the end, we prefer the Crafty. It’s better, but not by much.
  • DaVinci Ascent VS Crafty – When the Ascent first came out, it was a pretty good vape. But these days, we have vapes like the Crafty to consider and when you make the comparison, it just doesn’t look all that good for the Ascent. Without diving too deep into the details here, the Crafty is clearly the superior vape. The Ascent Vaporizer produces some tasty vapor thanks to its 100% glass vapor path, but it just doesn’t have the power that we see with the Crafty, which produces larger, denser clouds. That said, we prefer the Crafty to the Ascent.


The Crafty vaporizer accessories shipped with every unit include a power adapter, USB charging cord, liquid pad for vaping concentrates, three replacement screens, a cleaning brush, a grinder, seal rings, an instruction manual, and a filling aid which helps you shovel blend into its oven. The latter of which, the filling aid, being more convenient than you might think. Outside of what’s included, there are other accessories, which are as follows:

  • Crafty Vape Case – VapeCase vaporizer cases and bags are popular for a reason: they’re nice and they work. In this case, there’s no exception as the Vape Case designed for the Crafty is just that– a nice case that does what it’s designed to do: protect your vape. The only downside is its big. If you’re hoping to stuff this case in your pocket, don’t. It’s definitely too big for that. But if you’re looking for a protective case to store your vape in, this is the one we recommend. For reference, this is a third-party product that is not made by Storz & Bickel.
  • Car Charger – Pretty straight forward, you know what this is. If you spend any amount of time on the road and in a car, you may want to pick one of these up to keep your Crafty charged while you’re on the go. Keep in mind, it does have partial pass-through charging technology so you can use it while it’s plugged in and charging. We highly recommend this accessory for those who spend a lot of time on the road.
  • Power Bank – This wonderful little accessory is basically a portable battery pack for the Crafty that dramatically extends its battery life, providing approximately 90 additional minutes of vape time. It’s also compatible with other devices such as smartphones, making it that much more useful. So charge your vape, your phone, or any other device you might have that charges via USB. This accessory, powered by a 6600 mAh lithium-ion battery, is made by Storz & Bickel specifically for the Crafty.
  • Mouthpiece Covers – These mouthpiece covers, which are made by Storz & Bickel, work with both the Crafty and the Mighty. These are intended to be used once and then thrown away. If you’re worried about germs but love to share with friends, these mouthpiece covers are the perfect solution. Toss one on, hand the vape to your friend, they use it, toss the cover in the trash, and hand it back to you good as new.
  • Mouthpiece Set – If you need a replacement mouthpiece for the Crafty, there’s no need to worry because Storz & Bickel sells them in sets.
  • Crafty Cooling Unit – In need of a replacement cooling unit? You can buy them all day long. You can buy them one at a time or you can buy them three to a set, the choice is yours.
  • Seal Ring Set – Eventually, you’ll need to replace your seals and when you do, you’ll be pleased to find that they’re inexpensive and readily accessible through a number of retailers as well as direct from the manufacturer.
  • Wear & Tear Set – There are things you’ll need more of that’s why the Crafty put together this little kit that comes with just about every replacement part you’ll ever need.
  • Replacement Screens – This set of screens made by Storz & Bickel specifically for their Crafty vaporizer comes with two fine mesh lower screen and four regular mesh upper screens.
  • Liquid Pad Set – These little inserts, which is what allows Storz & Bickel vaporizers to vaporize concentrates, is sold four to a pack. If you’re using them regularly, you should swap them out every few months or so. With that in mind, a pack should last you about a year.
  • Dosing Capsules & Magazine – These are a couple of interesting accessories that we find quite useful in combination with one another. The dosing capsules are designed to be preloaded with blend and then inserted into the vape for quick loading. And with the magazine, you can load up to eight capsules and then drop them into the magazine to store until you’re ready to use them.


Each and every single authentic Crafty is protected by what is a pretty standard 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty that protects against defects in both craftsmanship and material. For reference, all of our interactions with Storz & Bickel’s customer service team have gone exceptionally well. This is one vape company that really takes their customer service seriously and it definitely shows. So if you do have problems with your Crafty, we’re sure you’ll be more than pleased with the service provided.


This intelligently designed vape is crafted from heat-resistant, food-safe materials that adhere to FDA regulations. Its filling chamber measures 1.4 cm³ (enough to hold about 0.25 grams of ground dry blend). On the top of the vape is a cooling unit which, like the Plenty’s coil, does an excellent job of cooling the vapor before it reaches your mouth. And like most modern vapes, the Crafty boasts an automatic shutoff timer which is set to one minute. So if you forget to turn it off, it’ll turn itself off after a minute. All things considered, this is one well made vape. Smart materials, solid construction, expert craftsmanship – what more could you want?

Vapor Quality

This is one area where the Crafty really shines. When it comes to vapor production, the Crafty is mind-blowingly awesome. The vapor it produces through a combination of hot air convection and conduction is smooth, cool, thick, tasty, pure, and plentiful. Literally everything you’d ever want and it’s coming out of a portable. This is one aspect of the Crafty that really has us thoroughly impressed.

Final Thoughts

The Crafty is a straight up beast of a vaporizer. Its vapor production is absolutely incredible. It can handles all types of blends. It’s well made, easy to clean, pocket-friendly, and it comes with an app. Between all of its useful features and incredible vapor production, it’s easy to overlook its less than stellar heat up time and necessity to use an app to customize the temperature. All things considered, the Crafty is easily one of the best portable vaporizers out right now. We highly recommend it to anyone in need of a portable that vapes like a plugin. If you’re interested in buying it, you can buy it here.