The Arizer Solo 2 is a portable conduction vaporizer designed for dry blends. It boasts an all glass vapor path, stainless steel oven, less than 30-second heat up time, and an incredibly easy to use digital temperature control system that offers a wide range of temperatures to choose from. But how well does it work? That’s the question we’re going to answer in this review so if you’re interested in finding out just how well this vape stacks up against its most formidable competitors, continue reading this review.

“…some of the smoothest, tastiest, and purest vapor you can imagine.”

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The Arizer Solo 2 is one of the best portable vaporizers on the market right now. It's easy to use, produces incredible vapor, and it's reasonably priced. It even attaches itself to a glass water piece for an added layer of hydration and filtration. So what's the problem? It's a little big for a portable. But if you can get passed its somewhat bulky demeanor, it's one of the best portable vaporizers for dried blends you'll find. We highly recommend it for beginners and experts alike. You can buy it online from this authorized retailer.


*This is a quick summary, in-depth review below.


The new Solo’s temperature controls are a vast improvement over the originals. Whereas the original offers a mere seven preset temperatures to choose from and a simple light-based indicator system to let you know which of the seven settings you’re on, the new version, the Solo 2, boasts a digital temperature control system intact with buttons to adjust the temperature up and down by one-degree intervals and a nice sized LCD display that shows both the current and set temperatures as well as the battery status and more. And by more, we mean that it provides access to an easily navigated menu through which the vape’s various options can be adjusted. While the old system of adjusting the temperature exhibited by the original is surprisingly more than adequate, the new digital temperature controls offered by the latest version are that much better as they’re not only more flexible in regards to range, but also that much easier to use. Through the menu, which is accessed via the big “M” button located between the two temperature adjustment buttons, you’re able to adjust the volume (high/medium/low/off), the session timer (5-15 minutes), switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit operating modes, adjust the brightness of the screen (low/medium/high), and adjust the startup timer (4, 6, 8 seconds). We suggest using a four second startup timer.

While the original Arizer Solo boasts a temperature range that spans as high as 410 degrees Fahrenheit (210°C), which is the same as the Arizer Air, the Solo II boasts an even broader range that spans 50°F higher than either. On the low end, it’s capable of operating at a temperature of 122°F, which is the equivalent to 220°C. And on the high end, it can heat all the way up to a whopping 428°F (220°C). While this isn’t the widest temperature range nor the highest operating temperature we’ve seen offered in a portable vape, it’s somehow more than adequate and actually impressive when it comes to the new Solo. The reason for this is due to the fact that the Solo 2, unlike quite a few other vapes, actually produces good vapor at a low temperature whereas the majority of vapes designed for dried blends seem to only work well at higher vaporizing temperatures. Adding to this, the original produced a very high quality of vapor that, at its higher temperature settings, was actually quite thick. But with the extra 50 degrees that the new version offers, the vapor we’re seeing coming out of it is just that much more dense. We’re impressed.

Tip: Set the temperature to right around 395°F for the biggest clouds.

Heat Up Time

While the heat up time wasn’t really a selling point on the original Solo, it certainly is now. With this new version, it heats up considerably faster than the original. Just how fast? From our testing, we’re seeing heat up times of less than 30 seconds. That means less than half a minute to reach vaping temps and for us, that’s definitely fast enough.

Battery Life

While the original only offered about 1.5 hours of vape time, the new version boasts a 50% increase in battery life. This equates to roughly 3 full hours of continuous vaporization on the right temperature settings. For us and surely many of you as well, this is more than enough battery life to make it through the day. In fact, we’ve found it to be not only enough to get us vaped, but enough to get our friends vaped as well. In contrast to the Arizer Air, this is approximately 4 times as much vape time. But just to be on the safe side, we want to point out that at the temperature range we typically use it on, it actually only lasts about 2 hours or so. This is because we tend to vape on higher temperatures when we’re using it. So if you’re really trying to stretch that battery life, you’ll want to use a lower setting than what we tend to use.

While we’re on the topic of the battery, we want to point out a little design improvement that we can’t help but appreciate after using the original. Instead of having the charging port located on the bottom of the device, it’s now located on the back of the device, near the bottom. The difference here is that the old version couldn’t rest in the upright position because the charger plugs in at the bottom, which forces you to lay it on its side while you’re charging. While it might not seem like a big deal, which it really isn’t, it does increase the risk of the vape rolling off of the flat surface you set it on. But now, thanks to the design change, it can rest firmly in the upright position while it’s charging. Definitely a nice little improvement that might be easy to overlook for those who haven’t had a chance to use the original.

Weight & Size

The Solo 2 isn’t quite as compact as some of the other portables on the market, but that’s not to say that it’s not compact enough to carry around with you because it absolutely is, although barely. It measures in at just 4.5 inches tall, 1.75 inches wide, and has a depth of 1.19 inches at the bottom and 1.38 inches at the top. Now while it’s obviously not the most compact, it is extremely comfortable to hold. Which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that Arizer built it with ergonomics in mind. As for the weight, it’s not the lightest we’ve come across but what it lacks in this regard, it more than makes up for in durability.


Does the Arizer Solo II have issues? To answer this question in one word, the answer is no. In more words, we do have some minor complaints, which are as follows: it could be a bit smaller, have a little less draw resistance, a larger bowl, and a user-changeable battery design like we see in the new DaVinci vaporizer, the IQ. But outside of this, we have yet to come across any real issues with its design. This is, needless to say, a solid portable – no less than we’d expect from Arizer, a company that has become synonymous with high quality vapes sold at affordable rates. Or in other words, we have no real complaints with this vape. It is what you’d expect from its Canadian manufacturer – a good vape at a good price.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Wondering how to clean the Arizer Solo 2? It’s actually surprisingly easy, especially in comparison to quite a few other portables we’ve used. Plus there’s a little trick you can use to make it easier to clean: don’t over-pack your stem. This will help keep the oven cleaner, which means less cleaning for you. But without further ado, here’s how you clean it:

  1. Take a cotton swab and lightly apply isopropyl alcohol to it and then use it to clean inside of the oven, making sure to keep the unit turned upside down in order to prevent any ISO from leaking down into the vape.
  2. Heat cycle the vape in order to burn off any ISO leftover from the cleaning process. Do this by heating the vaporizer up to the highest temperature setting and then leaving it on until it automatically shuts off, which is exactly what it’ll do thanks to its auto-shutoff timer.
  3. Drop the stems in ISO and let them soak for at least an hour. After, rinse them under hot water until any leftover debris has been washed off. If necessary, repeat this process until the stems are clean. One done, give them time to dry before you use them.

That’s all there is to it. Just three simple steps and you’re done. Do this regularly or when you think it needs it and it should continue to treat you just as well as when you first bought it. As reference, if this sounds easy it’s because it is. In fact, it’s actually one of the easiest portable vaporizers to clean that we’ve ever come across.

Usage Tips

Here’s a list of Arizer Solo 2 tips we’ve put together to help you get the most out of your Solo:

  • Grind your blend up nice and fine and pack it loose to get the best hits. We like to use the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder for this because it creates a very fine grind that’s literally perfect for vapes like this.
  • Set the temperature to right around 395 degrees Fahrenheit and combine the above tip–finely ground blend loosely packed–for the biggest clouds. This combination results in large, thick clouds of vapor. So if you want fat hits, follow these tips.
  • For smoother vapor, use a water adapter stem to connect the vape to a water piece as this added layer of water filtration makes the vapor that much smoother.
  • To get to vaping that much faster, reduce the turn-on time setting to the shortest interval.
  • Either stir your blend during your sessions or refrain from over-packing it so that you don’t have to stir it mid session.
  • Lift the stem just a tiny bit to allow a bit of air to flow through the bottom in order to reduce draw resistance. Perfect this technique and you’ll never have any concerns with draw resistance.
  • Pre-pack your stems and secure them with the available stem caps in order to prepare them for quick use later on. You’ll thank yourself later.


Wondering how the new Solo vaporizer stacks up against some of its most formidable competitors? You’re certainly not the only one and that’s why we put together this segment in which we’ve compared it to some of its most popular competitors on the market.

  • Arizer Solo 2 VS Air – While the Arizer Air heats up pretty quick, about a minute and a half or so, the new Solo can reach vaping temps in a fraction of that time (less than 30 seconds). The builds are similar with both relying upon ceramic heaters to heat up their glass stems and stainless steel bowls, which is why they produce vapor of a similar quality. However, thanks to the Solo II’s higher airflow design, it exhibits less draw resistance than the Air, which is why it’s that much easier to hit. It also has a stronger heater, superior temperature controls, and a better overall feel to it. To us, it’s clearly the better vaporizer but the Arizer Air has its own benefits as well as it’s actually the more compact of the two and it boasts a feature that we’d love to see in the Air: interchangeable batteries. So if being able to quickly swap a drained vape battery out for a fresh one and having a vape that really doesn’t take up much room in your pocket are your most critical concerns, then the Air may very well be the answer for you. Otherwise, it’s the Solo 2 all the way.
  • Arizer Solo 2 VS Crafty – This is a tough comparison to make but a good comparison to make given that both of these vapes are more or less on the verge of losing their status as “portables” in our minds due to their larger than average sizes and they’re both priced about the same at this time. But what makes both of these vapes really worthwhile is the fact that, their relatively large size aside, they produce vapor better than most vapes in their class. While both have a decent amount of features, the Solo 2’s temperature controls are better and easier to use, reminiscent of what the Crafty vaporizer’s cousin, the Mighty, offers as far as builtin digital temperature controls are concerned. In the end, the Crafty is the better vaporizer for the most part, a conclusion we reached in no small part because of its superior vapor production and ability to vaporize concentrates as well dried blends. So while the two are highly comparable and both solid vapes, we prefer the Crafty – but not by much.
  • Arizer Solo 2 VS Mighty – The Mighty is Storz & Bickel’s top-end portable vaporizer. Its vapor production is the best you’ll find in a portable at this time. Like the S2, it too has digital temperature controls built directly into it that are both accurate as well as easy to use. So as far as vapor production goes, the Mighty is the clear winner here. But it does have one big drawback and it’s not something we can easily overlook and that’s its large size. It’s even bigger than the Crafty, which is to say, it’s one of the biggest “portable” vaporizers we’ve ever used. It’s also quite a bit more expensive than the S2, which is why we suggest the Solo 2 for those in need of something a bit more compact and the Mighty for those who just want an incredibly powerful cordless vaporizer. Also, only one of these two vapes is designed to handle concentrates as well as dried blends and that’s the Mighty. So if you’re in need of a portable that works with virtually all blend types and don’t mind its bulky stature, then it’s the Mighty that you’re after.
  • Arizer Solo 2 VS DaVinci IQ – What a comparison we have here between these two relatively new and popular portable dry blend vapes. Both companies, DaVinci and Arizer, are well known for the quality of their vapes and these two vapes are certainly no exception. Both are designed without concentrates in mind, although we’ve found that both work with some forms of concentrates, particularly the type that don’t liquefy/run when they’re heated, but they do what they’re designed to do quite well. As far as vapor production is concerned, they’re similar – both thick, pure, and delicious. We prefer the Solo’s display but the IQ is more compact and feature-rich. While it’s a tough call and both are undoubtedly excellent options, we tend to get a lot more use out of the IQ due to its smaller size, which is considerably more convenient to carry around. You can check out our complete DaVinci IQ vaporizer review to learn more.
  • Arizer Solo 2 VS Pax 3 – The main differences between these two vapes are as follows: vapor quality, blend support, and size. Both heat up fast, have a wide range of temperatures to choose from, and offer some nice features but it’s the Solo that produces the higher quality of vapor between the two. Still, while its vapor is undoubtedly better, it’s not nearly as compact and it’s not designed to support concentrates. So for the extracts on the go, the Pax 3 is the obvious decision. But for dried blends, the S2 wins so long as you don’t mind how much larger it is than the Pax.
  • Arizer Solo VS Solo 2 – While there are quite a few differences between the new version and the original, there’s really no question about it – the new Solo is basically better in every way. It heats up faster, has more battery life, better temperature controls, more features, an easier to use interface, and better vapor production. In other words, it’s better in just about every way. But there is one exception and that’s the cost. Given that the new Solo really is that much better than the original, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that it does cost more than the original. But given that the original is still an extremely solid portable, it’s still a worthwhile investment for those who just don’t have the cash to spend on the newer, more expensive version. But for those that can afford it, the answer is clear: the new Solo is far better than the original and well worth the extra money spent.


The new Solo has quite a few accessories, especially given that virtually all of the original Solo vaporizer’s accessories are compatible with it, but our favorite is without doubt the glass water piece adapter that allows you to connect it to your favorite water piece. Here’s a complete rundown of all of the Arizer Solo 2 accessories and replacement parts available through the manufacturer at this time:

  • Solo II Glass Aroma Tube – This is the straight version of the standard glass stem that serves as both a mouthpiece and a bowl, as you pack your blend into one end and draw through the other.
  • Glass Aroma Tube (Curved) – Same as the standard stem, only it has a nice bend in it which makes it a little more comfortable to use for some users.
  • Tipped Glass Aroma Tube – This is a straight glass stem with a little mouthpiece tip.
  • Replacement Mouthpiece Tip – A replacement mouthpiece tip for the tipped glass stem. This is only compatible with the tipped tube.
  • Frosted Glass Aroma Tube – This is one of our favorite accessories as it’s actually an adapter that’s designed to connect the Solo to third-party glass attachments such as water filters. Use it to connect your favorite water filtered glass piece and get the best of both worlds.
  • Glass Aroma Dish – This is like the potpourri dish for the Extreme Q, only it’s designed for the Solo II. You can use it to release vapor directly into the room – great for aromatherapy.
  • Stem Cap Pack – These are silicone stem caps that let you lock up your stems, which is great for those who prefer to pack them ahead of time. Pack up your stems, cap them, and tuck them away until you’re ready to use them. Each pack comes with four caps made from heat-rated, food/medical grade silicone.
  • Stainless Steel Stirring Tool – For those that don’t already have one or something similar, this stirring tool acts as a poker and and a stirrer. A nice addition to any serious vapers toolkit. Happen to have a paperclip laying around? It’ll basically serve the same purpose at a fraction of the cost.
  • Screen Pack – This is a pack of six stainless steel screens/filters designed to fit right into your favorite stem. Helps prevent ground blend from sucking through the stem and into your mouth. Use them. We do. They can make a world of difference, especially if you prefer a finely ground blend, which is more apt to suck through.
  • Soft-Shell Case – This is a nice little soft case for the Solo II that holds the vaporizer itself, charger, and up to 6 pre-packed stems. You can also use to hold the stirring tool along with some blend. Basically a convenient way to keep everything you need all in one place.
  • Belt-Clip Carry Case – For those who want to look like a nerd, Arizer makes a carrying case that attaches directly to your belt. Will you use? You might, but we’d rather toss it in the soft-case and drop it in a backpack or purse.
  • Wall Charger – This is a standard charger for the S2. For reference, you can use the vaporizer while it’s charging thanks to its pass-through charging technology. This comes in four different power options, which allows it to charge the vape in Australia, Europe, North America, and the United Kingdom (UK).
  • Car Charger – A standard car charger designed for the S2 that allows for it to be charged via the standard cigarette lighter outlet found in what we assume is most modern cars. Great accessory for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.


Arizer goes above and beyond to ensure that each and every single one of their customers is happy with their purchase and part of this is ensuring that all of their vapes are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. In the case of the Solo 2, the warranty covering it is one of the best you’ll see. It entails a 2-year warranty protecting against any workmanship and defects in material, a 1-year warranty on the battery (basically the best you’ll see in the industry), and a lifetime warranty on the heating element.


Like the original, this latest iteration of the Solo vaporizer is not designed for concentrates. However, that’s not to say that it can’t handle concentrates – because it absolutely can. But before we press on, we’d like to note that there’s a chance that you’ll void your manufacturer’s warranty if you use it for concentrates. Best to check with the manufacturer first if you’re worried. With that said, the Solo 2 most definitely supports the vaporization of some forms of concentrates. For extracts that are runny, or those that may liquefy when heated, this is really not the vape to use. But for everything else, you can actually sandwich your extracts between layers of dried blend and so long as it doesn’t run down into the vape, you can vape your extracts without any issues. While this may come as a surprise given that it’s not technically designed for it, it works extremely well.

Vapor Quality

Pure, thick, and delicious is how we’d describe each and every puff of vapor off the Arizer Solo 2. Although, near the end, those last puffs don’t tend to taste nearly as good as the initial ones, especially if you’re taking some really powerful draws at high temperatures right off the bat. But otherwise, the vapor quality is very consistent throughout each session. Easily better than most and quite a bit better than the original, which comes as a bit of a surprise because the original Solo’s vapor is good, only this is that much better. Really impressive. Definitely top tier vapor production.

The vapor it produces travels through an all glass vapor path, a little technique which helps ensure that the vapor remains pure thanks to the non-porous and inert nature of the material used, glass. Which in this case is actually boro-silicate glass. So thanks to Arizer’s use of glass in the S2’s design and their decision to go with strictly high quality medical grade components, the vapor is both pure and delicious. But we do have one complaint, although minor and that’s with the smoothness. While it is smooth, it could be smoother – that’s all we’re saying. But this isn’t an issue without resolution because thanks to the water pipe adapter stem, you have the option to make it a whole lot smoother by attaching your favorite water piece. At that point, the vapor is super smooth.

Also, there is a bit of draw resistance but not to the extent that we’d actually complain about it, especially as it’s easily resolved with the stem lifting trick we mentioned in the usage tips section of this review. But also, it’s just not that bad as it is. For those familiar with the level of draw resistance on the original, know that it’s actually improved quite a bit with the new version thanks to the incorporation of recessed jets that allow for increased airflow.

Final Thoughts

The Solo II isn’t the most portable (only slightly smaller than original), nor is it the most discreet, but it does do what it was designed to do extremely well – it produces incredible vapor. Its heat up time, at less than 30 seconds, is definitely fast enough. And its digital temperature controls make it incredibly easy to use. All things considered, this is one vape that we strongly recommend. Definitely one of the best in its class and easily one of the best portable vaporizers to use while you’re propped up in one place as it offers desktop quality vapor production with the option to integrate your favorite glass water piece to produce some of the smoothest, tastiest, and purest vapor you can imagine. This is one seriously awesome portable, so long as you can get over its relatively bulky complexion. We highly it to beginners and experts alike. If you’re interested in buying the new Solo, we suggest you buy it online from this store here. They’re an authorized retailer of Arizer vaporizers so you can rest assured that you are indeed buying an authentic, warranty covered Arizer Solo II vaporizer. Plus they tend to have some really good deals and discounts on vapes and vaporizer accessories.