The latest Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) study suggests that over half of the vapers in the United Kingdom “have given up smoking,” the BBC reported in May. This comes on the heels of a study published earlier in this year which found long-term vaping to be safer than smoking.

According to ASH, roughly 1.5 million vapers in the UK are now ex-smokers. This means there are 1.3 million UK vapers still smoking.

For those who continue to smoke, the primary reason why they opt to vape is to reduce the amount which they smoke, the BBC reported. And for those who no longer smoke, the former smokers engulfed in the study, they claim that the main reason why they jumped on the vape train was to quit smoking all together – a feat some appear to have accomplished, according to the ASH study.

Meanwhile, CNBC reports that the United States continues to crack down on vaping by further regulating the e-cigarette industry.

Deborah Arnott, the chief executive of ASH, a public health charity, was quoted by CNBC as having said that it is “very important smokers realize that vaping is much, much less harmful than smoking.”

“The rapid growth in e-cigarette use has come to an end while over a third of smokers have still never tried e-cigarettes, saying the main reasons are concerns about the safety and addictiveness of e-cigarettes. It’s very important smokers realize that vaping is much, much less harmful than smoking”

What do you think, is vaping less harmful than smoking?

(Featured image via Pixabay)