Magic-Flight, makers of the portable Launch Box Vaporizer, don’t just produce vapes, they also make grinders. And their Magic Flight Finishing Grinder, which isn’t the only grinder they produce, isn’t your typical hand-powered grinder as it grinds whatever you put in it so fine, you’d think you were using a coffee grinder.

“The real benefit to using the Finishing Grinder when vaping comes as a result of the increased surface area, which allows for more of your blend to be exposed to the heat.”

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    Overall Rating - 95%


The Magic Flight Finishing Grinder does an excellent job of finely grinding dried blends. The ground blends that it produces are so finely ground, you'll think you were using a coffee grinder. Perfect for vaping. Highly recommended.


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While it might not suit the needs of everyone, we’ve found it to be an incredibly useful accessory as it allows us to create a very fine grind, which is literally perfect for some of the vapes we use. Where other grinders leave the blend course, the Finishing Grinder is basically the opposite – leaving the blend finely ground, almost like a powder. A feat which it accomplishes thanks to its maceration style grinding, which is reminiscent of how a cheese grater functions. While it’s intended to be coupled with the company’s Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB), it’s just as useful with a number of other vaporizers, both those made by Magic-Flight as well as other manufacturers.

Vaporizer Compatibility

So what vapes is it a good match for? Quite a few. In fact, so many that it’s easier for us to explain what vapes it’s not a good match for: those that allow small particles to suck through into your mouth. An example of a vape we’re not too keen on using it with is the Arizer Solo. While the Solo Vaporizer has a builtin glass filter in its mouthpieces, the holes in the filter are somewhat large, which allows small particles to pass through. In order to remedy this, you may choose to do what we do, which is to stuff a second screen into it, something with a much finer mesh or smaller holes. But even then, we don’t feel the need to use the Finishing Grinder as it’s basically overkill. Still, when we have tested it out with the Solo, we can’t say we were unimpressed with the results because with our secondary screen in place, only a trace amount of blend sucked through and the vapor quality was exceptional.

Another vaporizer we really enjoy using this grinder with is the Volcano. Well, not just the Volcano, but rather, both of the Volcano vaporizers – the Digital and the Classic. Just remember, if you see an issue with finely ground matter sucking through into your mouth, you may want to opt for another grinder. But if you’re looking to evenly and efficiently vaporize your dried blends and don’t have a problem with fine particles passing through the mouthpiece and into your mouth, the finishing grinder is an absolutely worthwhile investment. It’s like having a portable coffee grinder in your pocket.

And then there’s the Pax. We want to address this vaporizer specifically because there are those of you out there that are wondering whether or not it’s a good fit for the Pax Vaporizer by Ploom and the answer is yes. It does work well with the original Pax.

The Benefit

The real benefit to using the Finishing Grinder when vaping comes as a result of the increased surface area, which allows for more of your blend to be exposed to the heat. The results? More consistency when it comes to vapor production and from what we can tell, a more efficient vaporization of your blend.


This Magic Flight grinder comes in a few different flavors, so to say. Made from the same sustainable woods as the rest of the company’s handmade products, the Finishing Grinder is available in Cherry, Walnut, and Maple woods.

Final Thoughts

While it is made with the MFLB in mind as its design makes it extremely easy to load the MFLB’s trench (oven), if you think you have a use for it, buy it. We highly recommend it. It works great and it’s covered by a lifetime warranty. Plus, it’s fairly inexpensive. If you’re interested in buying one, we suggest buying it from an authorized retailer like this store here.