Pax Labs, the San Francisco-based vape company started by two Stanford Design Program graduates, is not just a producer a portable dry-blend vaporizers, as those familiar with their Pax vaporizers might think, they’re also in the e-cig industry as well. And they’re not just in it, they’re running it.

As of Tuesday, their market share had risen from 32.9% in October all the way up to 40%, the Winston-Salem Journal reported citing Wells Fargo Securities analyst Bonnie Herzog. In the same time frame, Vuse, which is owned by R.J. Reynolds Vapor, dropped from 27.4% to 24.3%, further widening the gap between the two company’s control over the U.S. e-cig market.

For those that don’t know, Pax Labs was once Ploom, the same company that launched Pax by Ploom – the very first Pax Vaporizer, now known as Pax 1. Less well known the company’s Pax Vaporizer is their Ploom Pods, which entail “pods” filled with single servings that are inserted into the vape for quick vaporization.

The latest in the Pax line of portable handheld vaporizers is the Pax 3 and like its predecessors, it too is small and easy to use, only it has more features than ever before.

Top 5 E-Cig Brands

At number one we obviously have Juul and number two at the moment is Vuse, but who comes next? Here are the other three that compose the top 5 and for the sake of clarity, what we see below with numbers one through three is actually numbers three through five because we’ve already accounted for the top two, Juul and Vuse.

  1. MarkTen XL (NuMark LLC/Altria Group Inc)- 13.7%
  2. Blu e-Cigs (ITG Brands) – 10.4%
  3. Logic (Japan Tobacco International) – 6.4%

Market share data cited is derived from Nielsen, which tracks the e-cig market.