When it comes to stealth vaping, there are a few tricks you can use to masquerade as a non-vaper and in this vaping guide here on VaporizerShark.com, we’re going to share some of those tricks with you today. So continue reading if you’d like to learn more about how to stealth vape. But before we begin, we’re going to give you a brief summary on what stealth vaping is for those of you reading this who aren’t already aware. For those that aware, you can skip this next segment that’s italicized.

What is stealth vaping? This is a question that you may or may not already know the answer to. If you don’t, read this. If you do, skip on to the next section as we address the techniques used to hide your vape usage. Stealth vaping, if it hasn’t by now become clear, is a term used to describe the techniques used to hide the fact that you’re vaporizing. These techniques might not prove useful for all, but for those who find themselves in situations where being seen vaping would be less than ideal, these techniques could prove beneficial if used correctly.

For those that don’t already have a portable vaporizer with a builtin stealth mode like the DaVinci IQ or the Pax 3, here are some tips and tricks for masquerading as a non-vaper:

  • Cover any lights on the device. This can be as simple as covering a light with your hand and in some instances as easy as simply turning the lights off, but for more complex lighting situations that require another solution – try placing tape over the lights. You will likely find that some types of tape work better than others when it comes to covering the lights and preventing light from escaping. The reason for doing this is because lights that light-up while the device is powered on or in use are telltale signs that a vape is potentially in use.
  • Zeroing your hits. While this isn’t a technique we advise using, there is the potential to hold your hits in long enough that when you exhale, no visible vapor can be seen. Again, we don’t advise doing this, but we can confirm that it does indeed work. Quite the effective solution for those who want to hide their vapor.
  • Don’t leave your blend in your vape. When it comes to masking the odor of your blend while you vape, there’s not much you can do but at the same time, you’re not entirely helpless as you may otherwise assume. Leaving your blend, especially after it’s been vaped fully or even partially, can leave a strong odor resonating from your vaporizer. As a tip, while you could toss your vaped blend after it seems spent, you’re likely better off saving it so that you can run it through an extraction process later – a process made easy by the Magical Butter Machine (MBM), a contraption which takes otherwise spent blend that has seemingly been completely vaped and transforms it into a variety of different forms of extracts/concentrates. You can obviously use the MBM to make butter which you can turn into brownies, cookies, cake, or what have you, but you can also use it to make tinctures, oils, and more. You can learn more about he Magical Butter machine by reading our review here.
  • Turn the vape off quickly after use, especially if you intend on leaving blend in it as this will not only help you conserve blend, but it’ll also help minimize the smell as blend won’t be slowly cooking inside the vaporizer’s oven – at least not as long.
  • Disable any audio notifications and if your vape has them, disable any vibrating alerts.
  • Use Propylene Glycol (PG) based liquid blends instead of Vegeable Glycerin (VG) based blends as doing so may help reduce the amount of visible vapor during exhale.

The Alternative

If you’re not vaping in a situation in which it’s acceptable, perhaps you should reconsider. And if you’re vaping somewhere it’s prohibited, our advice is to follow the rules. But this isn’t actually the alternative we wanted to offer you, just a bit of advice. The alternative that we wanted to share with you is perhaps the best one imaginable: get a vape designed with stealth in mind. And if you’re wondering if they exist, the answer is absolutely! Take, for instance, the Puffit line of portable vaporizers by Discreet Vape. Obviously these vapes have discretion in mind, as you can tell from the very appropriate name of the company that designs and manufactures them. The Puffit vaporizers are literally designed to look like ordinary inhalers and you draw from the same area as you would an inhaler so it doesn’t look even remotely suspicious while you’re using it – just another asthma inhaler or what have you.

Why Are You Stealth Vaping?

While we know why we stealth vape, our question for you, the reader, is why do you do it? Have some tips of your own? We’d love to hear those as well. You can use the comments section below to join the discussion!