The Haze V4 vaporizer may be the successor to the popular Haze V3 vaporizer we reviewed, but as of current, Haze Technologies, makers of the Haze vaporizers, have yet to release any information indicating that version 4 is in the works. What we do know is that they could very well release Haze V3.5 before they release a V4, as doing so would be more in line with their progression than a jump straight from version 3 to version 4.

Up until now, the progression has been as follows (oldest to most recent):

  1. Original Haze Vaporizer
  2. Haze V2 Vaporizer
  3. Haze V2.5
  4. Haze V3 Dual Bowl Vaporizer

So we went from version 1, the original, to version 2, version 2.5, and then version 3. It really could go either way, to 3.5 or straight to 4. We have no idea. In fact, there’s even a chance that we won’t see another version of the Haze vaporizer and that it’ll be discontinued for whatever reason – but this we doubt given the success Haze Technologies has seen with the rise of their dual chambered portable vaporizer since its inception and release years ago. Then again, the Haze Square vaporizer, which has yet to be released, may very well come out before the Haze 4, as we have yet to hear any official word regarding the possibility of a version 4 of the popular Haze vape. But anything is possible. For now, the latest Haze vaporizer is version 3.

Haze 3.0 Overview

Haze V3 is not only the best Haze vaporizer thus far, it’s also one of the best portable vaporizers on the market right now. It’s not the most compact, but with portables like the Mighty and the Hydrology 9 pushing the limits of what we define as portable vaporizers, it’s really not all that bad as far as portability is concerned. It fits in a pocket, although comfortably is questionable – but still, it does fit. And that’s more than we can say for some of the other “portable” vapes out there. But beyond this minor setback (if being roughly the size of a flask is a “setback” for you), it actually has quite a bit to offer, including what is perhaps most important to some of you: high quality vapor.

The vapor that V3 produces, like V2.5, is impressive for a portable. It’s full-bodied, tasty, and pure. And if that wasn’t enough, which it should be, it also offers the ability to vape extracts in addition to dried blends. Dual-use. The best of both worlds. Vape it all. Also, there’s a fun little feature: you can pre-load cartridges with different blends beforehand to get a jump on things. This little time saver will help keep the vapor flowing while you’re trying to get some serious vaping sessions in. When you take into account the fact that you can swap dead batteries for fully charged ones in seconds, the prospect of vaping cartridge after cartridge becomes less of an idea and more of a decision: do you want to do it? Because if you do, you can. Cartridge after cartridge. It’s up to you because with this vape, there’s nothing to hold you back. Vape until you’re satisfied, not until your battery says you’re done.

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