The DaVinci IQ is undoubtedly popular and so it should come as no surprise to find that Reddit users have their own thoughts on it, which they’ve shared online in the form of reviews and general commentary. We’ve gone ahead and analyzed this information, the thoughts of Reddit users on the IQ vaporizer, and have compiled our findings here in this article. You can find them below.

Analysis: DaVinci IQ Reddit Reviews

The conclusions shared by alleged users of the DaVinci IQ on Reddit vary greatly from one user to the next. There seem to be two pools: those who received “bad” units and those who didn’t. Needless to say, the latter party was much more pleased with the quality of the product. One such user, who posts on Reddit under the username mcshameless010, opened a thread in Reddit’s Vaporents subreddit in which they wrote: “Great so far!”

Another user, replying to mchameless010’s thread, wrote: “The IQ is very powerful and produces very large clouds when used in this way.” The user, DaVapeMasterFlex on Reddit, was referring to the following usage method that they outlined in their comment when they wrote “used in this way”: packing the device full, setting the temperature to 420 – 430 degrees Fahrenheit, and connecting to a water piece using its adapter. This particular user’s only complaints were that the device’s bowl is actually “a bit bigger” than they would prefer and that one must “be diligent” when it comes to cleaning, the latter of which being true for many dry blend portable vaporizers from what we’ve experienced.

And in yet another positive review of the DaVinci IQ, Reddit user onionringz123 wrote that the IQ “beats out the pax and other da vinci models.” This was, as one user noted, less of a review and more of a recommendation.

In another review, one with a less positive conclusion, a Reddit user who asked for suggestions on how to make it “hit harder or better” wrote that the “only thing” that they were really impressed with was its small size. However, they concluded that it “just don’t compare in any way to the mighty” (a reference to the portable Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel). In their opinion, it’s not even as good as the Pax 2 or 3.

Then there are the really upset alleged customers – the ones who can’t help but list their complaints. These complaints generally revolve around issues with quality control and customer service. The general consensus seems to be that DaVinci mistakenly shipped some units that should have never made it through quality control. At the same time, other units that have shipped to customers have left their owners pleased with their acquisitions. This is somewhat reminiscent of what we saw with the release of the DaVinci Ascent years before, as some of the initial units shipped had issues, resulting in the company’s customer service team being swamped with calls, emails, and the like from customers looking for repairs, replacements, and general assistance.

What do we think of the IQ? You’ll have to read our DaVinci IQ review to find out. In it, we not only outline all of its tech specs and offer our insights on how well it works, we also compare it to other top vaporizers. So if you’re interested in learning how it stacks up against its competitors, definitely take a look at our review.

General Information: DaVinci IQ

The IQ boasts one of the most sophisticated temperature control systems we’ve ever seen. It offers paths, where the temperature begins at one temp and then rises to another, a boost mode that rapidly elevates the temperature, and digital controls built into it that let you take complete control of the heating element, and an app that adds some features while making the vape that much easier to use. Basically, it’s features galore with the IQ and one of the features that we like most is its user-replaceable battery design that lets us swap dead batteries out for fresh ones in a matter of seconds – keeping the vaping going until we’re ready to stop. Just about the only thing that the IQ doesn’t do is vaporize liquids. Unfortunately, this is one DaVinci portable that’s not designed for concentrates. Does that mean it won’t work with them? Not exactly, but you’ll want to be extremely careful if you do because you could double whammy yourself by damaging your vape and voiding your warranty at the same time. We strongly suggest you read the guide we put together on vaping concentrates with the DaVinci IQ before you try anything you’ll regret.

As for heat up time, it’s not the fastest and nowhere near as fast as the Firefly 2 but don’t let that fool you – this vape heats up fast. It takes less than a minute, around 45 seconds or so, to reach proper vaping temps. For us, that’s plenty fast. But if you really need something that much faster, you may want to take a look at the new Firefly vaporizer instead because it’s capable of reaching vaping temperatures in a flash.

When it comes to weight and size, the IQ is definitely one of the lighter and more compact portables available of the top tier vapor producers. It weighs in at just 5 ounces and measures about 3.5 inches tall, a little over 1.6 inches wide, and just under 1 inch deep. If you’re having trouble visually just how big this is – it’s around the size of a cell phone so if you can fit a phone in your pocket, you can almost certainly fit an IQ.

One of the things that really impresses us with the IQ beyond its quality of vapor is how much better it gets when you connect a glass water piece, which is a breeze thanks to its adapter. Once you’re vaping through water filtered glass, your takeaway from the IQ will probably be similar to ours: this is one seriously awesome portable vape.

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