Wondering which stem option is best for the Arizer Air 2 vaporizer? Well then you’re in luck because that’s exactly why we created this guide. Continue reading to find out which stem/mouthpiece is best.

Arizer Air 2 Stems
These are 3 of the different stem options available for the Arizer Air 2. From left to right, we have the straight stem, tipped stem, and aroma dish.

The stem for the Air 2, which Arizer refers to as the “Aroma Tube,” comes in a few different styles:

  • Frosted
  • Dish
  • Tipped
  • Curved
  • Straight

Here’s some information about the different models available.

Frosted: Glass Accessory Adapter

The frosted stem isn’t like the rest of the stems, not at all. It’s actually an adapter used in place of the mouthpiece that allows third-party glass attachments to be connected to the vape. If you want to vape through a water filter, this is the piece you need.

Dish: Aromatherapy On The Fly

The glass aroma dish is intended for use with potpourri and other aromatherapy blends such as lavender and the like. It’s designed to hold the blend while it’s vaporized, allowing the aroma to be released freely into the air around. For those who are buying the Air 2 to use it for aromatherapy, this glass bowl/dish is definitely the way to go. This ships standard with the Air II.

Tipped: Not Our Favorite

This tipped mouthpiece isn’t our favorite. For those who want a plastic tip for whatever reason, Arizer sells these and also sell replacement tips. If you’re worried about hygiene, you could offer your friends their own tips when they use your vape, but you could just as well offer them a backup stem of the non-tipped variety. The body of the stem is still glass, but the mouthpiece is plastic. It’s designed to be loaded with blend on one end and drawn out of on the other. Like the straight and curved stems, it has a built-in glass screen.

Curved: For Those Who Like A Bend

Not much different from the default straight stem, this “curved” version has a bend in it. For some, this is the preferred mouthpiece, however, it’s a little less portable and subsequently not the one we prefer. Although, it is a little more comfortable to use while sitting back and relaxing. Still, we prefer the next one, the straight stem.

Straight: The Best Arizer Air 2 Stem

Highly portable, no plastic, just glass. This is the basic stem and definitely our favorite. To learn more about the vaporizer that it corresponds with, check out our Arizer Air 2 vaporizer review.